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I pretty much only scratch build terrain! But I don't have much time and never posted it on FB... Not much help for your mood, but yeah, there seem to be a decline in builders, also on YouTube. And if there is a scratch build, odds are there is at least a few printed bits mixed in.
I’ve seen a few around but it’s mostly pre-built stuff mix and matched or converted these days. Nothing wrong with that approach either - I know it doesn’t fit classic era philosophies but for the most part people aren’t hand sculpting their own minis either so…

The rise of 3D might change that a bit and there’s certainly a lot of printable stuff out there.

I have seen a lot of hybrid constructs recently though, where it’ll be a bit of MDF Terrain mixed with some GW plastic or 3D printed or resin cast parts, then given a once over with some corrugated card, mesh and texture paste.

I don’t think it’s a dead art yet @Punktaku it’s more just kinda fallen a bit out of favour.

I have seen a bit of a backlash against the high detail plastic terrain though as a lot of people are finding it over detailed and coupled with the cost they’re paying a lot of money out just to paint it brown and slap some rust on.
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Ah, the simple ruin. The staple of 40k since the beginning.

I got a load of them made from MDF back in 2012, a mate and I split the pack (there were about 24 corners). Ok ok, so it’s not scratch building but I thought it’d save time cutting all those windows and bits out and probably be a more stable scaffold to build on.

Then I textured them up a few years back and took them to TribeMeet!!

I think the principle is the same, even if I cheated on the basic build!! 😇
And we've already come full circle... Eric's hobby workshop uploaded this just over an hour ago!
I watched that last night. I think he should have tried to cover the edges and cut a little battle damage in the sides but I love when people downgrade their tabletop stuff.
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Exactly. That being said, a few extra minutes in the "glue and sand"-step might be well spent.
Either way, if your army is at least at 3 color minimum table top standard, the terrain is not going to steal any focus from your minis! :giggle:
I don’t think scratch building is dead due to 3D printing, if anything 3D printing adds another level to combining “rubbish”, GW kits and resin prints.

That said when we were wee Yaks GW actively encouraged it so I’d imagine the youth of day aren’t even aware you can do it / there’s a stigma with not using the ridiculously priced full kits.

I own (mortgaged to the hilt!) two houses, one we rent out, and the whole buying and selling process in the UK is archaic and not fit for purpose. I would say us landlords are unfairly vilified though and the laws gone too far in the renters favour, I won’t elaborate further, but people are dicks and it’s not the bed of easy cash people think it is.
I would say us landlords are unfairly vilified though and the laws gone too far in the renters favour, I won’t elaborate further, but people are dicks and it’s not the bed of easy cash people think it is.
This is unfortunately true in my neck of the woods as well. Good tenants are quickly becoming worth their weight in gold! On the positive side, the bad tenants have made me an expert at drywall patching!
Came here to moan about the number of spambots I’ve just had to delete! 6 of the blighters sharing all manner of interesting multiple gender sex links, its good that we are attracting a diverse crowd of spambots I suppose.
I’ve reported a fair few recently. They seem to be getting more AI driven I guess as they usually take the form of “short paragraph about the subject being discussed”, followed by “here’s a link to a completely unrelated dodgy looking website made of random numbers and letters”.
After 2 false starts we finally exchanged today, trying to get Conveyancers to pick up the phone and talk to eachother rather than sending endless emails back and forth has been an exercise in frustration, this literally only happened because I have spent all morning on the phone calling people back and forth and being a royal pain in the bum to force people to actually talk to eachother.

Completion is going to be painful I imagine, but we're almost there now