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Apr 4, 2017
Connecticut, USA
I didn’t realize how many add-ons I’m missing. I also have Armed & Dangerous box and the extra tiles Crash and Burn, but there’s 3 other tile sets and a special Con-only tile I don’t have (and will most likely never get).

my sons want to make their own robots!

ooohhhh.... “Ambot Rally” could be a real thing... exchange option cards for real Necromunda gear...
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Mar 1, 2015
Luleå, Sweden
I've only played the old edition RoboRally, but it's good stuff.

The idea at the club is to paint up conveyor belts as industrial terrain. For those, blue belts first move everyone 2", then all belts (blue and yellow) move everyone 2". Plaster the board with them and things will go crazy fast.


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Nov 1, 2017
I was checking out the sump thread (which I don't often do). And I find it interesting how many complain but still say they buy everything. I'm mulling over what makes necromunda as a hobby so appealing? What would it take to replace it? It's my inner accountant speaking but how can one QUANTIFY it's appeal?

It appears to be a mix of nostalgia, new toys, a mix of crunchy rules and rpg, imaginative setting and some other factors.

I put it here because it's not really 'what's wrong with N17' and too fleeting a thought to start a thread of it's own.

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Aug 23, 2011
Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
I do it on affordability as principle. Proxies where kits allowed at a good price. Home made terrain where ever possible. Craft acrylic paints instead of the Citadel/Vallejo standard of the hobby. I think with the rerelease of Necromunda there is opportunity for hobbyists having held that stance as far back as the late 90's skirmish game releases to get the new collection as something fresh and complete across the board with cards and minis and GW official hardcover supplements and.... people start hating on "official" in the Sump. I hope they can keep the minis in circulation for another decade, that would be amazing. I've been so supportive of the NCE for years that if I played N17, it would likely be from the fan rule corrected .pdf supplement floating in the collections of various online Necromunda community members. Probably even then within a personal attempt at having further house rule changes and personal rules modded into that said community compendium...