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Dec 29, 2017
Can a fighter with Inspirational affect themselves?

“If a friendly fighter within 6’’ of this fighter fails a Cool check, make a Leadership check for this fighter. If it
passes, the Cool check is also treated as having been passed.”

I think, RAW, they can:: because the fighter is always within 6” of itself.
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Interesting... as written, i believe the implication is that they are inspiring to others (gang members and/or allies like hired guns) by their presence (physically inspiring, or shouting words of encouragement. things like that).

your suggestion seems to be that, in order to be so inspiring, they need to (at least) believe their own hype and so they can make the LD test for themselves if they fail the Cool check. “oh shit! wait!!! what will the juvies think?!! No! I will fight on!” sort of thing. yes?
I was thinking about it purely mechanically (there’s nothing in the Rules that states or implies that it only affects other fighters) but it works narratively as well.
Models are generally considered friendly to themselves. I'd support it effecting the user too, because someone who is inspiring is probably going to be pretty Cool.
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As written I would say they are inspiring to other friendly gangers, and can't make use of it themselves.

I would say "a friendly fighter within 6" of this fighter" excludes the fighter that's the source. It could be better worded as "another friendly fighter".

They can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk so to speak - happy to encourage others to fight on, but when the sludge hits the recirculator, they're out of there.
He is certainly friendly, and within 6” of himself, so as written you can use it on yourself.

I agree the writing suggests a possible intention that it doesn’t work on the model itself though.
I disagree.

I think your idea is interesting and I would definitely allow it, but as written I think "friendly" is defacto someone else.

However, a good way to argue the case either way is to look at the language of other rules for comparison, that may help.
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However, a good way to argue the case either way is to look at the language of other rules for comparison, that may help.
Good point.
Other rules do specify "other friendly fighter". For example, the Nerve Tests rule (N:U p62) reads
To make a Nerve test, make a Cool check for the fighter adding 1 to the result for each other active friendly fighter within 3".
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As I said, I agree the intention may well be that a model can’t inspire itself, but until an FAQ confirms one way or another we won’t know.

You cannot make a rules argument against a model using it on itself unless “friendly” is defined specifically as “another model” either in this rule (which it clearly isn’t) or in some universal definition (it may exist but I’m not aware of it)!

The presence of another rule that states “other friendly model”, such as the Nerve test rule, if it does anything, further supports that you can Inspire yourself since it specifically does not mention “other”. Certainly I see no reason to assume that because it says “other” here it should also say “other” in the Inspirational rule, as its equally reasonable to assume that the designer intended the two rules to work differently.
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@Fold: if the rules were written with any kind of rigor, I would agree with you. The fact that they feel the need to specify "other" in other rules (and not just the Nerve Tests one, all other rules I could find with "friendly" either also use "other" or don't need to (because the fighter is Broken and the rules calls for "friendly active fighters" for instance)) would mean that a fighter is friendly to themself and that "friendly fighters" include themself.
But the rules are a mess, so there is a good 20% chance they just forgot to add "other" to this one and didn't catch the typo.

Tl;dr the rules are a mess, you can't assume anything, play it as it's written.
This is a strange reasoning.
I'd say "The rules are a mess, they can't be trusted, play as you think makes the most sense." ;)
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It's a different game, different department of course but if it follows 40k's 8th ed approach to aura abilities, the character itself is always considered in range and friendly to it's own ability
^^(unless specifically stated otherwise)

Also, apologies for the double post as I can not seem to edit my posts yet.. (based on post count?)
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