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WHGG 2017 Gorkamorka Campaign Fluff / Reports

Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Oddsox, Feb 8, 2017.

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    From dead world to an explosion of life, the day the Hulk thundered down and crashed into the dormant world of Angelis everything changed. In the centuries which passed, the cold dead eyes peering from the ancient pyramids saw the rise of bustling Mektown, the blooming spread of the fungal Orkoids, and the scattering of human tribes and mangled mutants which followed. The current day sees a daily roar of activity as the primal gangs and mobs charge around the blistering desert sands as they blast, slash and smash each other into submission in a brutal game of domination.

    Teef and Tagz are the only concern for most, their base motivations settled on personal goals and private vendettas. One different has emerged though…


    The high pitched chime of the primitive pick axe rang out with rhythmic precision in the dank cool darkness of the digga’s tunnel. He stopped to wipe the sweat from his brow, and smeared some of the green warpaint from his forehead onto the back of his sandblasted and worn hands. A weakling of a flame danced beside him, casting quivering rays of light around and revealing hieroglyphic patterns in the ruined walls and boulders around.

    After a momentary refocus, Zogtavius urged himself back to work and bared his rotting teeth to continue his digging. Sweet relief came immediately, as the stone yielded and a burst of brilliant green light blinded him for a just a moment. The faint flickering of the oil lamp was now washed to insignificance as his eyes adjusted to the scene now visible before him.

    “Enter.” The chilling voice commanded.


    It was days later when Zogtavius emerged from the labyrinth which he had entered in search of archeotek equipment. He was changed, somehow, no longer the timid digga as before but renewed with purpose and an indiscernible alien change to his voice. Even his eyes were different, no longer their dull brown they even appeared to shine jade green from within the deep hood which he now wore habitually. In the coming months Zogtavius somehow managed to forge strong alliances between himself and the mighty Wreckers, and even an Ork mob out in the skid. Several fresh veins of precious scrap had been discovered, maps marked out by Zogtavius leading to several huge discoveries and along with it the keen interest of greedy mobs. It took seconds at the job pole for the mysterious stranger to have the worn cloth maps snatched from his hands in exchange for toof or two by suspicious Nobz, each greedy for scrap but wary of the human; and the rumours that he’d been sighted all over the skid and had even been seen to treaty with the untamable rebel grots and horrific mutants.

    Sumfinks goin’ on ‘ere an' it stinks.


    This will hopefully serve as the thread for those involved with the 2017 WHGG Gorkamorka campaign. I'm not sure of usernames and actual firm numbers, so I'll post a link to this thread in the whatsapp group.

    The campaign rules are going to be finalised in the next couple of weeks, and it'll use a hexgrid where the mobs will battle for supremacy along with some story driven content to make things a little more interesting along the way.

    Any additional fluff posts in here are more than welcome!

    Further parts of the story will be added as they unfold, as well as a little extra input before we kick it all off on 25th of Feb.
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