Which Mordheim version to use?


Jun 24, 2014
Hello Yaks

I think about getting back to Mordheim, after all the inspiration from Echoes of Imperium. But I remember Mordheim having some balancing issues, some issues with shields etc. And I was wondering which game rules and updates are "commonly" used nowadays, especially by all those folks playing Mordheim MMXIX. Haven't found rules talk on the blog or their member's Instagram accounts etc. (Haven't asked there either, ahem.)

Still have the original rulebook, been following a little over the years and know the Google Drive with all the docs – But was wondering about the current community state of the game. If there is any.

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Feb 8, 2013
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Not been playing recently, but my suggested go to house rules if a new starting group are:

dont use lustria or kemhria setting warbands
ban shadow warriors warband
Give shield an additional bonus of +1sv when combined with a hand weapon in combat
give duel weilding weapons a -1 to hit modifier (possibly then introduce a skill called duel wielding to remove this penalty)
remove nurgles rot from carnival warbands (or nerf in some way, many options are available)
smack any skaven player over the head who sling spams with the rulebook repeatdly

Finally, enjoy the remaining inbalances are part of the fun of the system and remember it isnt meant to be perfectly streamlined and balanced.


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Mar 29, 2016
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LOcally, we generally just use the main book as available on Broheim or here in the Vault, and the scattering of warbands and rules except for Lustria and Khemri [so yes to sets like Empire in Flames, Border Town Burning, Mutiny in Marienburg], and the second Beastman Raiders list rather than the first Beastman Raiders list.

Fun additional sets of rules to use include the "Let it Burn" fire rules.

The shields offering an extra +1 save in close combat works well to offset the assumed advantage of two hand weapons.
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