WHQ: Blackstone Fortress

Discussion in 'WarHammer Quest' started by Ml2sjw, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Aulenback

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    Does it sound more appealing as “a winter Mordheim ruined city, fought over by rat-men and zombie redcoats”? That is essentially what it boils down to. Undead taking the place of the nutcracker soldiers, and the skaven taking the place of the rat army, skirmishing through the winter snows.

    Because having a “Christmas Village” on display is a North American tradition for the season.

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  2. Sethmerlin666

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    The Ambull expansion is exciting, so glad they're continuing to delve into old ideas rather something dull like a horde of Necrons appearing...

    Loving the game so far, will definitely grab that expansion
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  3. Stoof

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    Next quarter: The WHQ Blascktone Fortress: Big Horde-O'-Necrons Expansion you've all been waiting for!
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  4. Ml2sjw

    Ml2sjw Gang Champion

    If we are not fighting genestealer cults by the end of 2019 I will be shocked.
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