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Jun 1, 2016
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I thought I'd create a thread with some of my thoughts & observations for games of BSF I've been playing solo, now that I've played a few times and I'm getting a feel for it. These are pure observation and gut feeling - I haven't math-hammered it beyond easy stuff. I won't cover being inspired at the moment, as it didn't happen in my last game.

General Tactics:
• Cover is very important. Remember this!
• Ships exist and have abilities. Remember this too! (I have played several times and I just KEEP FORGETTING THEY EXIST!)

Characters in play during my last session, and my thoughts on them:
Janus Draik:
Thoroughly uninspiring - slow, his attacks are fairly weak, his special ability only applies to the first turn of a combat (if it applied every turn it would help, but he would still be vanilla ice cream with no toppings). His Flurry of Attacks looks better than it ever seems to work. So far my humble opinion is that Drake is actually the weakest character of those available (caveat: I haven't used Rein & Raus yet).

Espern Locanro:
As the "wizard" of the party, you might expect Espern to be fairly niche. However, this is pleasantly untrue! His Shield ability is very handy - make sure you keep another character in his hex to make the most of it (I suggest Vorne). His ability to return a lost Destiny dice from the pool is one of those things you start to take for granted, then really miss when you can't do it anymore. Third eye attacks are actually a solid offensive choice with a good success rate. His ability to move an enemy once for a 6+ may seem like a waste, but if he's activated early and you use it to pull a Chaos Space Marine out of cover into your guns it's very satisfying.

Pious Vorne:
Flamer. Flamer at every opportunity. If there's more than one enemy in the hex adjacent, waste a dice to step away and fire the flamer rather than using the comparatively rubbish chainblade. To be honest, I waste a low or destiny pool dice to step away even if there is only one enemy - the flamer attack is just better than a 4+ chainblade attack, and even if it fails you're no longer directly engaged. When the chainblade attack fails you'll kick yourself for saving an activation/pool dice to give yourself a lesser chance. She is a bit of a glass cannon - her poor defence means if things go south she suffers quickly. Buy a medipack to keep on hand as soon as possible.

Assault cannon - much like Vorne, if there's more than one enemy in an adjacent hex, spend a die to step back before opening fire. Cover is a consideration here though - don't do this if it would put the enemies into cover (not a problem Vorne needs to bother with).
He's tough as old nails - but he is very slow, can't benefit from cover and only has a pool of 3 dice - still a very solid choice. Be prepared to do some waiting though - my last few combats ended with everyone in the maglev twiddling their thumbs waiting for UR-025 to get there as previously vanquished enemy groups started to reinforce one by one. I would recommend that if you're about to complete your planned objective you use UR-025 to call the maglev if he's got one nearby - everyone else is quicker on their feet.

Vessels after returning to Precipice from my last game:
The Clarion seems to be the best precipice vessel of the four I had for this game - a 25% chance to gain a Clue, per explorer, re-rolled for Pious Vorne or Taddeus. There's a 5% chance of losing a Clue if that character had one... but early on in a campaign they a) probably don't and b) you can just send characters that don't have one instead. Or, possibly, c), which I'll need to re-check if you're actually allowed to do - trade everyone's clue cards to one character, then send everyone else. If this turns out to be allowed, i.e. I haven't missed something about Clue cards, the Clarion becomes the best vessel possible for progressing in the game - assuming you give your Clues to one character and you have either Taddeus or Pious (or both) you're rolling 4 or 5 25% chances to get a clue, plus one or two rerolls if Taddeus and/or Vorne failed. Added bonus - Cheap medpacks on sale there keep you in the fight!

Next time I play I'll pick at least one other character and post my thoughts on them - plus any new feelings on the others if my opinion of them begins to change for whatever reason.


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Mar 29, 2016
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caveat: I haven't used Rein & Raus yet
They, Pious, and the eldar are the set most likely of interest to our crew of regular players -- which means we don't really have a "tank" to intercept any close combat which turns out to be inevitable, and will be doing a lot of stepping away and shooting, and stepping away and shooting. The kroot hunter also appeals to me thematically, so we'll see whether I like him or the ratlings better.

But getting them all readied is my March "paint your stuff" goal. So many board games, so little time!
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