Why don't Marines jump?


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Mar 17, 2016
Springfield OR
Am I the only one who has seen jump packs on the backs of Space Marines for over 30 years...?

Rogue Trader is a little bit before my time but I heard a rumor that Space Marines had a jump capability back then. Even in 2nd Edition it seemed a little weird that you could plainly see jump packs on their backs but that simply wasn't a feature they could use. Jumping is a big part of the OG Starship Troopers concept for Mobile Infantry (ie: Space Marines).

Don't all you Marine lovers rush in and tell me those are reactor packs and vent ports behind their sholders. The exaust on Choas Marine packs really accentuates the jump pack feel of the whole backpack they got going on. You can try to expalin it away as a "jet pack" that is only used in zero-G for boarding actions in the void. But if that is your explination you should be polite and agree that the backpack is essentially a grav-chute. I'll accept that as a viable answer, but I would like to see more folks incorperating obligitory grav-chutes into their marine builds. Even from a siloed 2nd Edition perspective it just makes sence, given we know how real combat actually workes in the 41st Millenium due to the glory of Necromunda 95.

Eldar Jet bikes went through a similar nerfing after 2nd edition, due to the insane tactical advantage they provided. I've heard similar commentary as to why marines lost their jump packs. It may have just provided too much complexity and tactical advantage on the tabletop. An imbalance they corrected by making what were full flight "jet packs" on marines into the "jump packs" of today you see on intercessors and raptors.

Whatever you want to say, its is one of the most glaringly obvious ret-cons of 40K that we still live with today....

Anyone want to venture how much an old school Rouge Trader Marine "jump Pack" would cost in Necromunda 95 credits? I would actually like to build a Necromunda balanced Space Marine that has full jump pack and grav-chute capability and see how he preforms against some Ash Waste Nomads. The Chaos Marine at the back of Outlanders is a good starting point but lets be real, most marines have more complex kit than what that lonley renegade has to offer.