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    Winterfell Mordheim Edition

    I decided to start another thread to attempt to update some rules of the game in a way I (my gaming group) and perhaps people in general consider to be better. I am not aiming to make a similar kind of contribution as Anthony is doing on NCE (who knows if this could someday evolve to that) This project is at the very beginning (mainly focusing on couple issues that our gaming group is now facing) and I will add more to it as.

    I started to do editing of the rules (as of now high WiP and will evolve as time goes by) ->

    Underneath are issues that me and my fellow gaming group members are discussing. Yellow means unsolved issue, green is "solved"

    Basic Rules
    - Climbing, allow it to be more flexible
    - Introduce soft / hard cover
    To take rout test include paniced models too. (perhaps stunned? not sure)
    - Panic test for friendly model when OOA?
    - Introduce more defined fleeing rules
    - Introduce follow up move (it is in the skill now), but atleast allow small movement to gain cover etc.
    Clearer interception rules
    - Moving through own models
    - Multiplayer rules
    - Multiple combat rules
    - Definite rules for line of sight
    - Rules for measurement
    - deny rerolling a reroll
    - Falling on top of another model?
    - Hit on 7+ 8+ or 9+
    - miss on natural roll of 1
    - Streamlined parry

    - No for T4 elves, elves are meant to be fragile!
    - Same skill tables for mercenary warbands for Champions and Youngbloods
    - Troll whisperer skill (something to aid trolls with their stupidity)

    - goblin heroes?

    - Sling fix
    - Javelin / throwing damage / weapon range depending on str
    - Armor availibility skill / fix

    - Stake-Out wording correction
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  2. Loriel

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    So after couple games things that really irritates me:

    - climbing. You have to start withing the wall before you can start climbing, but can use remaining move on the top? I would personally change this to you can start climbing as part of normal move instead (not running nor charging)

    - Only one cover? I would always consider -1 soft and -2 hard cover.

    - Rout test similarly as Necromunda doesn't have paniced models in bottle test I feel this is really odd that only OOA is included. Stunned as it isn't exactly the same as in Necromunda, I don't know if they should be included.

    - Panic test when friendly model within 2 inch goes OOA seems just.... like it should be :D

    - Follow up move is introduced as a skill and I can live with that, but I would prefer possibility to move to safety of another combat or behind some cover if possible. Even restricting it only to 2 inch move without possibility of another combat, and make it a skill to allow "continue" fighting

    - Sling this caused ton of discussion in our group. It is too cheap, has too long range. that is our consensus on the matter (except from our skaven player :p ) We had a ton of different ideas:
    • range to be str variatn for example 3 x str / 4 x str
    • fixed range of 12
    • eliminating multi shot in short range (I don't know if that is necesssary)
    • damage would be str -1
    • cheap sling would have "crude" special rule making it to break down on roll of 1 and make another "sling" that is higher quality in cost more. On the subject Crude weaponry / itemry would be really neat, having them cheaply but breaking down.
    • increasing it cost
    • improving shot bow compared to sling
    • introducing -1 to hit modifier to it
    • introduce warband restrcition to ranged weapons etc (I don't like that at all... :D )
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    I think the "crude rules" are certainly not the way to go. Considering there's a 16.7% chance of the item breaking every single time you roll the dice (even higher for double shots) odds are that all of those items will break every game. That renders them useless, and therefore they will not be purchased. Instead, you should just raise the cost or add some other form of penalty (my group grants a +1 bonus to armor from slings, just like daggers).

    Climbing needs a change, for sure. You should be able to climb per the normal movement rules. As in, if you have movement remaining you can climb that distance. Models should be able to end a round "suspended" if they so choose. If a model is effectively hanging off of a ladder or the side of a building and gets hit with a range attack he should fall.

    Cover: you'd have to get overly specific here. In Mordheim, if you have hard cover chances are the shooting model can't see you, so he can't attack you. I'm not sure this needs to be changed.

    Panic tests when other models go OOA is wholly unnecessary, and crushing when you play against ItP Warbands, like the Undead. Way too many opportunities to whiff a LD test and go fleeing off the table.

    Rout tests shouldn't be more difficult than they already are. I play it so Warbands don't have to involuntarily rout until they've lost half their models (and can voluntarily flee once they've lost a quarter of their models). Making rout tests harder makes the game even more unnecessarily swingy.

    I like the idea of a follow up move. Makes close combat even more important, and gives incentive to be aggressive with your models.
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    Thanks for the comment @LordTobias sadly this project has really stalled on my behalf since Mordheim isn't actively played at our gaming group atm. (currently there is high activity on 9th age, Shadow Wars, Boardgame and Warmachine)

    On sling subject: I actually really liked the way in thread how @Insurgent explained about the real sling usage and since it really needs to have open space around the user so you cannot use it behind cover. If (or better yet when) our group starts Mordheim again I am going to propose that.

    For cover: This highly depends on the terrain you are using. If you have original mordheim board it doesn't offer much cover. I don't think the problem is how to determine hard cover (as it is pretty straight forward) but rather how would it really affect the game.

    for Rout test: I personally think that fleeing / panicing models should count towards whether you need to rout or not. (similarly as in Necromunda) I think that is like really really really odd that you are throwing wether your gang is running away from the battle they doesn't harm your morale. In current Mordheim rules panics are really minor factor anyway. During my (is it 14 games) perhaps once there has been fleeing model. It is possible that sometimes we have forgot the all alone rule in some senses, but mostly it hasn't played any significant part.

    For the panics: That would ultimately change the pace of game much and to implement this with carefull balance would be really tricky. It would be especially harsh nerf for skaven and naturally as you stated huge boost for undeads. I still think panic is way too little factor in the game, since it would give the battle extra level. Some players might feel that panics are not part of hardy mordheim explorers and I could live with that and perhaps even agree. One way to implement panic rule without making it so crushing would make it so that any particular model has to pass one panic test per turn of anykind and is immune to effect of the rest. And perhaps make it so that IF model becomes the only model within 2 inches it would take panic test (similar as all alone in close combat, but converted in to shooting). IN necromunda I really really like to double game mechanic considering pinning and panicing. On the other hand you should have fighters within 2 inch to get escape pinning but you risk of panic spreading.
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