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Apr 7, 2018
Cheers bud. Yes first couple of flesh tones i did were a bit rough. Got carried away and took it all the way to white then was like well what do i highlight this with now 😅
Also i have no patience for eyes.
Me neither but I do it like this when painting minis and it helps me a lot psychologically:

1. Paint stuff which I abhor to do because it wastes a lot of time and takes patience (e. g.: eyes)
2. Paint the rest

When I do it this way, painting the mini becomes a walk in the park during step 2 because I know that I already finished the hard part.

You applied a very clean and beautiful paint job and imo the faces look somewhat off to your otherwise fine work. Anyway, have fun with your minis in the Underhive.
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Jun 8, 2018
I feel bad for the lack of posts here. Although it is summer in Australia currently and simply cant bring myself to paint in this heat.
Alternatively! I have been assembling terrain. Quite vanilla construction but this is my production line for airbrushing once the temperature drops.
Still one more major ruin to put together and a mechboy workshop that I will be chopping up a bit to be less orky and I feel I need another large kit of something just to fill a board out (im thinking another sector mech kit)
Modular walkways and ladders to come aswell. Wip ftw!


Dec 15, 2018
Las Vegas
If you want to add some more SM terrain and not break the bank, I would pick up a Ferratonic Furnace or the Thermic Plasma Regulators. If you don't mind MDF, check out TTCombat or Knights of Dice.
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