N18 Would it be classed as cheating?


Feb 15, 2021
A hour or so ago I was using Skype to talk to 3 of The other 11 members of my group, they were drunk and they were dumb enough to give me a lot of information on what they plan to use. Here's what the told me they'll be using, Would using this information be classed as cheating?

The only 1 that I knew before joining the group is using A Venotar Gang that has Cunning and Shooting Skills as Primary Skills, has Agility and Savant Skills as Secondary Skills and it will consist of 10 160 Credit Hunters, 5 210 Credit Hunt Champions and 1 350 Credit Hunt Leader, due to 1 of the groups house rules the gang will also have 1 210 Credit Johtunn Class Ogryn Servitor with no Upgrades and the player plans to use 290 Credits to buy 29 lots of 1D6+1 XP

The oldest of The 3 female members of the group is using A Enforcer Gang that will consist of 10 210 Credit Enforcers, 3 300 Credit Enforcer Sergeants and 1 500 Credit Enforcer Captain and her/The Captains, cost includes 10 lots of 1D6+1 bought XP

The only member of the group that's still at School's using A Goliath Gang, I've forgot the names of most of the models and it will consist of 12 150 Credit Gangers, 3 220 Credit Regular(?) Champions, 2 90 Credit Prospects, 1 350 Credit Zerker and 1 510 Credit Leader and his cost includes 11 lots of 1D6+1 bought XP


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Oct 30, 2014
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It’s not cheating to talk to other people about what they are going to do in the campaign.

I assume you got something more than what was written above because I don’t even know how you could use that information in any usable way to your advantage

And all of that is not including that your group play with a myriad of house rules that change up gang composition and progression that would prevent me from giving decent advice anyway.
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Like @almic85, I'm not really clear how you could use this information to your advantage. If you think you can, then I guess you're at liberty to do so - after all, they told you this freely.

On the other hand, what if they were deliberately misleading you or simply changed their minds about what to bring? Would you consider that cheating?
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