N18 Wrecker plans


Dec 1, 2021
As the title suggests this is my plan for my wreckers with the obvious caveat that they survive long enough. Just looking to see what anyone else thought.
Wrecker 01, autopistol and bolt pistol. Skill up with gunfighter and two guns. Jump in and wreak havoc with nerve checks.
Wrecker 02, stub gun and hand flamer. Skill up with hip shooting and even more movement. Run and gun, nuf said.
Wrecker 03, demo charges and chainsword. Skilled up with lucky and strength. Two maybe three big explosions (with the bullet merchants help) before charging into melee.
Wrecker 04, no idea, looking for input. Seriously, I've got nothing, maybe a CC monster ????
What do ya'll think?
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The Bullet Merchant won't help with throwing more than one demo charge, the One Shot trait is unaffected by High Calibre Hook-up.

Can't really go wrong with a pistol and flail for the 4th Wrecker. Gives them a 3rd available weapon slot for when they get promoted to a champion and therefore you can level them up without a strict plan and equip them accordingly.

Also this discussion doesn't really belong in the "Mechanicum" section. It's more suited to "Gangs and Loadouts"
You're quite right there, it definitely doesn't belong in mechanicum? Not sure why it dropped there or how to change it though 😵.
Ahh okay, is HCHU simply limited to scare, scare to normal? Might have to readdress that option in that case.
That makes sense, for the 4th wrecker, K.I.S.S.
You get a to hit bonus on the charge with your booster so maybe have the only build where a two handed hammer could work. And a back up close combat weapon. Charge smash if still alive switch to other weapon.