Xmas mini exchange 2019 (yes, it's already that time!)

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Ho ho ho fellow Yakkers, and a very Merry Christmas to you all!

It looks like it’s time to start preparing for the Yaktribe Xmas Mini Exchange. The sign up phase starts now, and will be open until the end of September. We will send out PMs on the 1st of October to let you know which Yak you have been drawn with, and give you all of October and November to build and paint your gift.

If you sign up for The Yaktribe Secret Santa, you will be given the name and address of a fellow Yakker and you will build and paint a mini for that Yakker. In return, another Yakker will be building and painting something for you.

The rules:

1) If you sign up for this you are promising to build and paint/or paint a hired gun for your Secret Santa. This mini can be metal, plastic, or resin, and can be for any system that the recipient plays. You will be told their forum name, so you can have a look at their PLog if they have one. We want everyone on the same level and to reduce the number of ‘Is this ok?’ emails that get sent.

2) The mini should be in the post to the recipient by November 30th because Royal Mail and equivalent.

3) Gifts should be marked as such, by writing Yaktribe or something on the outside and having the model wrapped and tagged inside the postal package, so that the recipient knows that it is their surprise and doesn’t open it by mistake.

4) Anyone who is having issues preventing them from fulfilling their commitments needs to contact us ASAP so we can arrange an alternative sender (@RobStrachan and myself will also prepare back ups). It’s ok if life gets in the way, just let us know so we can do something about it.

5) Everyone should be aware that they are meant to say thanks, and post pictures of their gift (although I can't imagine how to mention this without seeming condescending, as it should be obvious!) But it didn’t happen in all cases.

6) Its a seeecret! So don’t tell anyone who you are sending your mini too. Once the event is over, you can put WIPs in your blogs or whatever.

7) We want to make it clear that people are only supposed to send one model to their recipient - the levels of generosity in the past have been exceptional in some cases, but we want to avoid anyone feeling left out, or that their gift wasn't good enough, so please no super special gift boxes.

Everybody is invited!

If you want to take part, say so below and send me @sump dweller and @RobStrachan a pm with your real name, address, systems you play, and if you are willing to post internationally.

Any questions, let us know!
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Thanks Rob for instigating the whole thing in the first place!

Could a Mod make this thread sticky please?
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@Punktaku Equal first then, to be honest pretty much everything about yaktribe is my favourite thing about yaktribe. Even when I don't really engage for long periods it's just really nice to know this place exists.
I've never signed up to any patreon or anything like that but I'll keep sending this site a couple of bucks a month forever whether I'm using it or not!