Xmas mini exchange 2019 (yes, it's already that time!)

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Excuse the double post.

This cute little beast of doom :-D. Bloomin awesome, thanks so much to my secret santa. I hope you dont mind, I think I will add some gore/blood dripping from his maw and claws in the future
I haven't done present unwrapping time yet, but I am getting a real kick out of seeing what other people received.

Great stuff guys.

Merry Yakmas!
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I've received this very tooled up hard as nails looking son-of-a-gun from YakSanta:

A great dynamic build with a lovely paint job!

Also, the mini storage tub it came in may be my son's favourite Christmas present 🤣

Thank you Sump Santa!

I have created an album for the exchange 2019 pics, I can collate them later on in one place if you don't mind. Alas I can't work out how to make the album public.
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