Competition Yak 19 " Bits Box Challenge"

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I made a light box out of a shoe box and some tissue paper ;)

And just use my phone plus basic editor on the camera app.

Not saying my photos are the best ever but they come out clear enough with this very basic and cheap setup!
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I think the main problem here is that my phone is quite old (using phones till they're really broken) and hence the camera isn't that good. But the light box out of a shoe box is definitely worth a try!
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i think @Jaws just posted a pic of his light box. i've been reading a lot of threads lately... maybe it was an old post, just near the end? pretty sure it was him, tho.
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I recommend using an image program like photoshop to create a clouds filter, though. I used to have one, but it got lost somewhere, and I am lazy.. It's on the to-do list.

Makes them turn out like this:
I'm eager for the next comp'! Wasnt available for May, but... I will hopefully try to do something for the next one!
Do we have a timeframe yet? Like: should start at time X, registering until Y, submission until Z, etc
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Dear @Jaws, the background is nice but the muzzle glow on the melta gun is amazing! How to, colors?
Long time since I painted this one now. I believe it's as simple as a white wash over enchanted blue. Possibly highlighted with a cold white/very light blue I got as a demo from Reaper miniatures.

The entire mini was sprayed white, and painted with mostly washes and drybrushing. Apart from the metal parts of the weapon.
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That is amazing. Can I ask which colours you used to make the green skin? They look like they'll glow in the dark. :)
Sorry I missed that. Vallejo "Sick Green". A bit of cadmium yellow and craftstore-generic off white for high lights. Vallejo green wash with a bit of this funny red/brown ink for shading. Worked a bit of flesh-tones/pinks and orange\browns into the elbows and knuckles to try and make them look scraped up and dusty.
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