Competition Yak 20 "Old Skool Style"

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  • "A Slaanesh sorcerer and disciples ambush the Tzeentch campsite" by Ben_S

    Votes: 3 7.7%
  • "When Juves attack!" by @hpm60

    Votes: 3 7.7%
  • "Gretchins' ambush" by @dabbk

    Votes: 29 74.4%
  • "Sand pit" by @Kommissar Shriken

    Votes: 32 82.1%
  • "The pillaging of the fungi" by @Dan Ayling

    Votes: 20 51.3%
  • "Have the Eldar bit off more than they can chew?" by @CaptainDangerous

    Votes: 17 43.6%

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Jan 6, 2013
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Ok Yakkers here is the DL on the next Yak chosen by @Llewy for the Hive Guys win in Yak19!

"Old Skool Style"

This one is going to be different. We want you to make a scene or narative using your minis and scenery that tells an awesome story...thats picture.

"But i wanna make something!" Go season here for Necro (SW:A & Inq28) GoMo and Mordheim (AoS Skirmish & Frostgrave).

Yes you can use already made and painted minis and scenery.
But...we do want you make least 25% must be made new for this competition.

Older members will remember the ace battle reports in WD along with the great photos that accompanied it...we want NEW photos just like those.
Bonus kudos for actually making it look like a WD article.
Note...we aren't looking for a static diorama. doesnt have to be from one of your battles, it can be completely made up if you want.

Please reply below with intention to enter.
Normal rules apply apart from those already mentioned.

Closing date Sunday 30th July...a little over 6 weeks.

Get thinking...get making...get painting...and start photographing!

Prizes! @Mad Robot is donating...
1st place $15 store credit (and possibly free shipping)
2nd and 3rd $5 store credit.

Any questions and i know there will be a lot @djmothra and @ClockworkOrange will advise as per normal.

@nooker can you move to the correct forum please?
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Final Results are as follows!

In 3rd place with 20 votes is @Dan Ayling with "Pillaging of the Fungi"

In Second place with 29 votes, we have @dabbk "Gretchins Ambush"

And...."Drum Roll" in 1st place...with a massive 32 votes!

@Kommissar Shriken with "Sand Pit"!

Thank you to everyone that entered and those that voted too.

I suppose we should start thinking about a new idea right! Da Management will be in touch with the Kommisar and we'll come up with something equally as awesome to get your teeth into (hopefully! ;) )
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I never registered at the time that the bases were always green & grassy... Stands out like a sore thumb these days!

I think I'd like to do a one-pic, or maybe two-pic (one from each "side"), moment-in-time shot. Scratch built stuff would be the terrain since I have lots of bits of old PC etc and an excellent iris portal from @TakUnderhand I've never done anything with.
Ok, I'm intending to have a go. I might get derailed, as I did last time, because I already know that my partner and I are going away for a couple of weeks in late July. But, since we can use up to 75% stuff we have already, I'm hoping I'll have time.

I just finished a small Slaanesh warband and was starting on a Tzeentch one, so I plan to have something involving these two battling over some kind of treasure or something (AoS Skirmish, Frostgrave, etc).

I'll have to think about the terrain though, as I don't have much that's suitable currently.
Now this ought to be an amazing comp! Not going to say I'm in for this, as life is pretty 'eh' and it brings me down to say Ill do something and then not, but I will be working away in the thadowth, just in case I can pull something together. Good luck with this one, everyone. Even if only watching, it's going to be fun.
Arrgghh! An excellent idea just as I've picked up some rush work to build a "Space Musuem".

(Can I do a 1:1 scale entry?)

Good luck everyone, I know this is going to be an excellent one.
OH MAN this is such a cool idea!

I'm so in.

I'll have to ponder my entry a bit, but if I can squeeze in the time I'll be really happy to have an entry in for this one!

@djmothra - I can potentially donate some prizes to the "bitz-box" / pot too...

some nice little freebies gifted to me by the nice folks at MaxMini.



perhaps as a second / third prize...?

(this is my clever way of allowing myself to feel like I've made a contribution, even if I don't actually manage to get around to competing due to time commitments / distractions etc...)

Great idea guys! hats-off @Llewy @djmothra @ClockworkOrange !