Yak Comp 25 - “Scene it - Done it”

Vote for your favourite entries to yakcomp 25!!!

  • The Hoard by Medmos

    Votes: 12 33.3%
  • Loot by Ben_S

    Votes: 4 11.1%
  • Murder Cyborg by Forward Assist

    Votes: 25 69.4%
  • The thing from the Sump by Kommissar Shriken

    Votes: 8 22.2%
  • The Wall by Sethmerlin666

    Votes: 32 88.9%
  • Broken down Battlewagon by CaptainDangerous

    Votes: 12 33.3%

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Dec 29, 2012
Right then you horrible excuse for a tribe the comps are under new management! By yours truely.

This means you won’t be getting away with the shenanigans of the past! No longer will it be acceptable to enter and then submit a half arsed entry! No sir, I want to see paint and commitment! I’m looking at you @spafe! No excuses!

Also from now on, and because I’m lazy - the winner gets to write the scope of the next Comp....

So in the words of @Azzabat

Yak Comp 25 - “Scene it - Done it”

Everyone gets to build an Ork Dreadnought ! ! !

Seriously ... NO. I have been dying to choose a category for the comp ever since I joined the Tribe, and now you good people have allowed me the chance.

Being the practical Aries that I am, I wanted a Comp Entry that would be used in games once finished and one that everyone, regardless of skill level or systems played could take part in.

So this competition will be about something relating to a scenario from any system of your choosing.

For example
Malifaux: A miniature in a cage for the “Freak Show”
Necromunda: A Waterstill in “Hit & Run”
Mordheim: A vehicle of some description for “Stagecoach Attack”
GorkaMorka: An entire Ork fort for “Da Seige”

It can be as big or as small, as simple or as intricate as you like. It just needs to be relevant to, and usable in, your chosen scenario.

Normal rules apply with the added addition that you must provide a linkto your chosen scenario.

Closing is Sunday 30th of September 23:59:59 Baker Island time - this gives you 6 weeks to come up with something.

Reply below to show interest and keep a W.I.P. Thread / Blog / Thingy as usual.

Any questions to @ClockworkOrange (and @Malo ) ... and me! as usual.

Good luck Yakkers!
Comp Entries:

Broken Down Battlewagon by @CaptainDangerous


The Wall by @Sethmerlin666


The Thing from the Sump by @Kommissar Shriken


Murder Cyborg by @Forward Assist


Loot by @Ben_S


The Hoard by @MedMos
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Ooh, sounds good. I plan to be in, probably with something for Frostgrave, but what exactly do you mean by a link to the scenario?

Easy enough if it's something from NCE and in the Vault, not so easy if it's in a book and protected by copyright...
I’m pretty sure anything you decide to make for your own personal use is not covered under copyright law. Copyright broadly covers derivative works, not similiar works. Cosplay conventions are a classic example. They represent the original character as close as possible, but do not breach copyright laws. Also my last comp entry did not break any copyright as it was not intended to be an Ork Spead Freak buggy, merely a buggy with an Ork in it. There’s a difference. The Chinese “Forged World” models however clearly breach Copyright.

With regard to the “link to the scenario” this can be either a physical link, (preferred as this avoids all potential issues) a reference to the book and page number, or just a summery of the words of the scenario. This is mainly to help folk understand what you’ve done, not to be a rules lawyer.
@Azzabat - I know that what I make doesn't breach copyright (assuming I'm not recasting models or anything), but the question was how I can link to, say, a scenario in the Frostgrave book (given that's copyright, so not freely available online).

If a quick summary of the scenario and the role the part plays is fine, that's great.

So many choices now...
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