Yak Comp 28 - “Happy” Hour

Vote for your favourite entries to yakcomp 28!!!

  • @prewarsalad Death Head

  • @MedMos Burning Trio

  • @Sethmerlin666 Gronk's Goon Bar

  • @GreyMatter Sned Baggers

  • @Kommissar Shriken Unlikely duo:

  • @Ned Noodle Mick Fungee:

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Yak Comp 1st Place
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Dec 29, 2012
All ideas above this post are acceptable entries - the Yak Comp scope is traditionally very broad / loose / interpretive dance / unregulated and under the mighty but lazy “Spafework” alliance it can only get more....er bonkers yes bonkers is the word. For emperors sake he had me build him a model carrying a halibut!

Kommissar Shriken

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Yak Comp 1st Place
Nov 21, 2016
hello yakkers!

did you know this problem: you going to a popular bar and want to enter.. the doorman see you coming and opens the door untimely..

and than suddenly when you think to that nice girls inside a poor man jumps from the shadows on the sidestreet and screams "THE END IS NEAR!!!! DO PENANCE YOU SINNER!" ...


thats what i going to make... a "crazy" preacher bringing the word of the second primarch! ;)