Yak Comp 29 - "Guilders in town"

Vote for your favourite entries to yakcomp 29!!!

  • @Sobek the Iron Guild

    Votes: 12 50.0%
  • @WAAAGHtonio Guild of Coin

    Votes: 7 29.2%
  • @Kommissar Shriken Waterguild.

    Votes: 19 79.2%
  • @Ml2sjw Mercator machian

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • @Ben_S Frostgrave corpse guild

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • @Fold Corpse Guild Collection Party.

    Votes: 10 41.7%
  • @Benjamin Wakefield Water Guild Syphoning Delegation

    Votes: 8 33.3%

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Jul 5, 2019
London, UK
Well if I´m not lucky...
Just today I finished my attempt on the Corpse Guild representatives, and decided to register in Yak just to show them to everyone... and there's even a comp about it!

My plan is to kitbash almost all the Guilds from the Book of Peril, except the Promethium and Water ones because I just LOVE their concept art and I'm more than willing to wait a while just to be able to throw my money to Forgeworld's face, and probably very soon I'll have finished my Guild of Blood retinue.

I based my guys around dark spanish catholicism. Well, the armoured capirote of the corpse grinders (idk how to translate that, it’s that conical thing on their heads) it's not my idea, it has been directly and shamelessly copied from the design of Blasphemous, the videogame.

Jul 5, 2019
London, UK
Very nice, although I'm afriad the competition rules (https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/yaktribe-competition-rules.2785/) require entries to be started during the competition period - so, you'll have to get started on the next guild!
Sorry! Missed that!
Time to start a new Guild then!
Should we delete the old message?
(Note to self: start reading before posting)

Do the guilder groups in the book have specific roles/character types described that can be played in game? If so, would someone be kind enough to briefly describe them?
In the book all the different representatives of the Guilds are organised in the same way: the Guild Procurator is the leader of this "mini-faction", and his/her retinue consists of an attendant (Guild Factotum) and one or two bodyguards.

The main Guilds groups on the Book of Peril are











There are some other ones, like the Iron Guild (weapon dealers, their representatives are a bunch of hive scum armed to the teeth), the Air Guild (they control the humungous fans and vents that keep the air moving through the Hive) and the Light Guild (they control the electricity and are basically arch-rivals of the Promethium Guild)


Hive Lord
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Jul 26, 2015
Southampton, UK
Yeah, definitely don't delete.

You might want to start a painting log in the miniatures and terrain section to show off progress on your entry and any other work that you want to share.
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Oct 7, 2017
Manchester UK
The Transportation Guild has some wheels ...

Need an inspirational figure to sit/stand in the forward deck with a BIG gun to keep those pesky Coin Guild at bay. They also annoy the Water Guild among others. ;) :p

Looking to also grab some outriders to convert up as well.