Yak Comp 30 - The Cave!

Vote for your favourite entries to yakcomp 30!!!

  • @ben_S Ratmen from the deep

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • @maxwellpower klevva gurl

    Votes: 15 68.2%
  • @punktaku cawdor spelunking team

    Votes: 7 31.8%
  • @Malevolent Pink Cat murder cyborg

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • @Kommissar Shriken hunting for wyrdstone

    Votes: 14 63.6%
  • @MedMos tunnel critters

    Votes: 13 59.1%

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Feb 8, 2013
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So, after much pestering, the trolls are now into their semi finals for 'most interesting stain on their loin cloth', and are still AWOL.

Once again the hatters will step up and kick off the next wonderful yak comp, as decided by the illustrious @Kommissar Shriken . The subject... the CAVE!!!!

The cave:
Necromunda : some hive miners find a entry to a cave while drilling for some raw materials. Your gang was the first who was informed for this finding. The whole is very small and just a few gangers can crawl into it. Make a exploration team who enters this new whole. You will need more than just weapons to explore this section.
OR make the scare in the cave, when the drill crash threw the wall, whats coming out? a monster? mutants? genestealer? chaos? or just some veterans from another gang who made this trap?!
Same for gorkamorka and mordheim:
Gorkamorka: while searching scrap in your mine, your boyz breaking a wall and find a entry to a shipwreck-section from the space hulk. Chose your team and equip them well to join the new whole or make something coming out the whole: spilled canibal digganobs, muties, monsters or something that was on the spaceship before it gets a part of the spacehulk like daemons?
Mordheim: some miners (probably dwarfs) had the bad idea to search for wyrdstone under the city of the damned... after they break through a wall, they find a entry to some very old catacombs. make a adventurer team who enters the catacombs or make something scarry thats coming out: monsters, daemons, chaos warriors sent by the shadowlord himself?

These entries could be as follows (as a starter for 10):
an exploration team
mining exquipment
terrain piece for the hole/chasm
Beasts or worse (who emerge from the pit)

The end date shall be... 5 and a half weeks hence... which makes it... Friday the 18th October.

Have at it!
I got nothing.. but I wish the competitors the best of luck and will be watching for cool stuff, hence.
thanks @spafe for adding the new comp!

and yes sir, i am in! :LOL:

my own idea/inspiration for the comp was to make a exploration team for necromunda, based on my genestealer cult sprues..... with shoulder lamps, rockdrill and a "indiana jones" styled leader....

but because i am actually totally invected by the mordheim- virus, i will use the competition as a incentive to make a new gang,
based on the new war cry iron golem miniatures. so i am going to make the bad guy's coming out of the whole!
Ha! I have these already modeled and painted and built, but on the other hand I have these already modeled and painted and built, thus not eligible to enter. VERY much looking forward to the entries, to see what parallels and what differences to such things as the Union of Treacle Mine Seven, and the hive-spelunking orks from one of our GorkaMorka gangs. And so on. My dwarves will meet Shriken's Deep Downers as his bad guys rise up out of The Pit! Oh, yes. Watching very much with interest.
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i figured i’d have to sit this one out instead of coming up with an idea and then not finishing it in time as usual. BUT then i got an idea! i have a box of DV cultists that i’ve been trying to convert into heavies or specialists for my Cawdor gang (ORB), but i haven’t been getting anywhere with the attempts as those push-fits are a pain to convert (probably over thinking it).

So i’m thinking what i’ll be doing instead is an ORB Cawdor spelunking team. There’s five in the box, so that’ll give me a team for this and something i can also use for the FYSC. I think a couple will need new heads as some are too chaosy for Cawdor (in my opinion). i think i’d also like to do a simple entrance into the new cavern. i’ll need to have a dig through the old bits box to see if i can make some gear that would say “exploration team.”
Hadn't noticed this until now, so I guess I'm a few days behind. And I'm still in the middle of my beastmen, but I already have some rough ideas, so I guess I'll say 'in'.
I have at least three...

1. I've been wanting to do some more skaven/gnoll things, probably of a Pestilens variety. Not sure how to make them more cave-themed than they already are though.

2. Maybe diggaz. I have no particular need/use for those, but the Untamed Beasts from Warcry look like they could be a good start.

3. I've seen some really cool 'underdark'-themed D&D terrain, so I could go for more of a terrain build, perhaps with spiders (Hallowe'en is coming) or similar.

i started with the chaos warband for the comp. in this thread

I'm in for now. Princess Space Kitten is away with her mum next week so I will get some serious hobby time in.

My plan is as follows.
I wanted to try model how I think the new delaque should look.
So I will have a ganger blasting his way into an archeotech hoard.
With a careful thought about the realism of the 'entrance'
And thought about delaque equipment in terms of gameplay
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