Competition Yak Competition 21 - Mad Robot VS Yakromunda

YakTribe Competition 21 entries

  • Sector P155 Hive Guys Urinal by Blochunx

    Votes: 28 46.7%
  • Dirty Home-Brew Grenade Maker by Punktaku

    Votes: 3 5.0%
  • The CONTAINER by Kommissar Shriken

    Votes: 12 20.0%
  • ROLL-STAMPER by Kommissar Shriken

    Votes: 18 30.0%
  • Chem Control by Xavier Bacon

    Votes: 48 80.0%
  • Utility Terminal by Azzabat

    Votes: 26 43.3%

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Jan 6, 2013
Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam
Mad Robot vs Yakromunda

Ok, Welcome Yakkers to our First Special Yak Comp!* I know it's been a while coming, but hopefully, you'll like it.

The Cool guys over at @Mad Robot got onto us a while ago about making something special for the community - to not only celebrate the launch of the New Yakromunda Web Site, but also the re-release of the New Necromunda!

Before I start, this Competition has a very different and strict set of rules...for...well, you'll see below.

So...what do we make this time?

Create a bit of Scatter terrain - suitable cover for a few minis to hide behind - NOTE this is for the new Necromunda reboot. (YakTribe Terrain pack!)
Mad Robot will then be cast it up and it will sold as a bit of terrain on the MR website!

1. Maximum dimensions 30mm high, 60mm long and 30mm deep (a little over 1"x2"x1") examples: jersey barrier or something like a vending machine, even a small sand bag wall.

2. Negative spaces and Undercuts need to be kept to a minimum or removed completely (Mad Robot can assist with any queries regarding this)

3. There can be nothing on these pieces that violates someone else's IP (so no putting Aquilas or Bolt Guns on it)

4. The winner also needs to agree to send the final piece to Mad Robot by post so they can work their magic on it. Mad Robot will also work with the winner to iron out any small problems or details.

5. The winning entry becomes sole and complete property of Mad Robot Miniatures Inc. and submitting an entry into the contest should be seen as acknowledgement of that fact.

6. The winner will receive public design credit once the piece goes up for sale as well as receive one of the first casts as a prize. (2nd and 3rd place will get something special from YakTribe, possibly from MR as well)

7. Winner will be chosen by the normal Yak poll method.

Time for this is one month from now, so finish date is Sunday 3rd 17th December - just in time for New Necromunda to be in our hands!.

Please comment below if you are going to enter (and please bear in mind the stricter rules requirements for this one)

Good Luck all!

Update: Final entrant images should be uploaded to Comp 21 Album.
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Final entries for Mad Robot vs Yakromunda Competition!

Sector P155 Hive Guys Urinal by @Blochunx

Dirty Home-Brew Grenade Maker by @Punktaku

The "CONTAINER" by @Kommissar Shriken

ROLL-STAMPER by @Kommissar Shriken

Chem Control by @Xavier Bacon

Utility Terminal by @Azzabat
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first: and IN!

one Question: you write: "There can be nothing on these pieces that violates someone else's IP"

could it be something that looks like "near" this. for example a self sculpted mini like a goliath- punk mini "on the terrainpeace" ..

second Question: must it be "one terrainpeace" or could it be more peaces in one entry ?
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Found the post! Wow, that is a sweet prize. the size restriction is... interesting. but maybe i can finish one (unlike Yak 20). I’m in.
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-One piece is preferable. If you must due more than one piece, they need to be on the smaller side. Maybe run it by me first :)
-This intended to be a small piece of terrain, to serve as cover for one, maybe two minis. The measurements are meant as a guide.
-I think you should avoid attaching minis of any kind to these, not sure how many people will be interested in buying scatter terrain with a mini already attached to it.
-No painting is required :)
Sounds interesting indeed! There is already quite a few scatter bits in the neomunda box, but more can never hurt, so: yay! Now I have to find ideas for it...
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