Competition Yak Competition 22 - Bad Boys Bad Boys

Vote for the most villainous entry!

  • Mad Mork Fury Road by Kommissar Shriken

    Votes: 47 54.0%
  • Jareth from Labyrinth by Stoof

    Votes: 34 39.1%
  • Chief Apothecary Frankenstein by Kommissar Shriken

    Votes: 19 21.8%
  • Immortan Joe by radulykan

    Votes: 18 20.7%
  • Crimson Cranium by radulykan

    Votes: 18 20.7%
  • Commissar Bison and Guile by KungFuPanda

    Votes: 32 36.8%
  • Thulsa Doom by CaptainDangerous

    Votes: 22 25.3%

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Yak Comp 22 - Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Whatcha gonna do? It's villain competition time! Take one of your most nefarious evildoers and throw him into the Hive for some Necromunda treatment! Your entry should ideally encompass the original character but think about how he/she/it would exist within the depths (or heights?) of a Hive on the world of Necromunda.

There aren't going to be much in the way of restrictions for this competition, so it could be a single character, they could be in a vehicle, part of a group/gang etc, as long as they fit the origins.

Thanks for the competition theme goes to @Kommissar Shriken who was winner of comp 20, with comp 21 being the special with @Mad Robot.

Competition closes on February 15th so get to work!


Competition Entries

Mad Mork Fury Road by @Kommissar Shriken

Labyrinth by @Stoof

Immortan Joe by @radulykan

Crimson Canium by @radulykan

Bison and Guile by @KungFuPanda

Chief Apothecary Frankenstein by @Kommissar Shriken

Thulsa Doom by @CaptainDangerous
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Excuse the newbie question, but can we use just a photo of the villain, and do a write up, or do we create a miniature to represent him/her?
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Excuse the newbie question, but can we use just a photo of the villain, and do a write up, or do we create a miniature to represent him/her?
Fair question being new to our competitions :) These are modelling/painting comps, so you're making/painting miniatures in the theme.

I'd suggest browsing the competitions on my new module, the recent ones have been updated with the older ones at least linking back to the threads here containing the entries.
I have missed that competation tool, Great work on that!

I have long though about doing Mordheim gang inspired by Gangs of New Yorks Bill the Butcher and the Natives Americans. I probably don't have enough time to actually do it for this comp. For some reason being father of 3 under school aged kids can really take its toll . :D
thanks @Malo for starting "my" competition-idea!

i'm really exited what the yakker's will make! i had this idea while making the "Despicable in the Hive"-Gang for Comp. 18.


I'm also in! I want to make a GorkaMorka-Version of General Immortan Joe (MadMax Fury Road) with some warboyz and THIS Truck ... in gorkamorka-style!

I have a couple of nice ideas, but I don't think I'll have time to do it - mini-Stoof is a time consuming creature. We shall see!


Oooh! New idea!:


I really want to, he's basically a spire brat! Could have a gnome/halfling Hoggle servant too!
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