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Jan 6, 2013
Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam
Welcome to the 15th YakTribe Competition - this time chosen by @Mad Sergeant for his winning Escher Juve entry in the last competition.

Now, this one could be a possible continuation of the last one - or not, it's totally up to you :)

YakTribe Competition 15 "THE BFG!" (Miniature / Terrain / Vehicle)

From Roald Dahls famous book to one of the first FPS ever - everyone loves BFGs (That's Big "Freaking" Guns or Giants ;) ) - Well, here's your chance to show the rest of the world that your weapon is the biggest!


Make and / or paint something that has a massive weapon, can support / carry a massive weapon or maybe is a massive weapon already!

Necro / INQ28: A New Heavy for your Gang (perhaps continuing from the Juves last time), Maybe you have just got that elusive OIAM Las-Cannon! Brakkar! Orrus Bolt-Launcher Upgrades. Defence / Gun Platform (I totally expect a fully working 1/1 scale Planetary Defense Laser from CWO ;) )

GoMo: A New Trukk with MOAR DAKKA. A Brand New Zap Gun emplacement for your Fort, MOAR HARPOONZ...EVEN MOAR DAKKA etc.

Mordheim / Frostgrave: Cannon Emplacements, Siege Weapons, Ogre Merc with Massive Weapon, Soldier upgrades with Halberds, Hochland Long Rifle, A Rat Ogre (They're kinda like "The Big Guns" for the warband right?)

Phew...and there's a lot more you guys and girls can do with this one!

Usual Rules apply (ie no special rules here for this one)

Closing Date will be approx 6 weeks from now - Friday 2nd of Sept (that's about 6 weeks right?)

Please reply below with intention of entering - make occasional updates here but keep most of your work on your own blog.

UPDATE!: We have a Prize for First Place AND for last place too! @TakUnderhand is very kindly donating a pair of Iris Portal Kits (y)

They Look like this all painted up

Any questions or queries @djmothra or @ClockworkOrange will advise and make final calls if needed.

EDIT: Removed Move Request & Added Prize Information.
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Results are in!

In 3rd Place we have @Scumb4g with Orlock Heavy Bolter

In Joint 2nd we have @Azzabat with The Ork Tank & @Flobojoe with Dead End and Burn Out


BUT the winner of the 15th YakComp is...

@KungFuPanda with "Run, You Rats"

Congratulations to all of you that entered and thanks to all that voted :)
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Ok, Final Entries are all here (please let me know If I missed any)

@Scumb4g with Orlock Heavy Bolter


@SirFrog with The Doom Marine


@KungFuPanda with "Run, You Rats"


@Xavier Bacon with Aberrant Prime


@Azzabat with The Ork Tank


@Flobojoe with Dead End and Burn Out


@trollmeat with Juice, the medicart and the Juice bar


@Eilif with Big Friendly Grinder


@korabas with Bertha AKA Dave


@Kaludram with Precinct 13


Ok, I think that's it - can you please double check and let me know if any entries are missing. Voting will start tomorrow :)
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...and all of my modellin stuff, except for the few bits I grabbed to make Hernia & the Mancave for the last comp, are still in storage.

So I have to ask myself: What can I make from the bits at hand? :)
Now, this one could be a possible continuation of the last one - or not, it's totally up to you :)

Necro / INQ28: A New Heavy for your Gang (perhaps continuing from the Juves last time),

Aight. Seeing as I only have access to the few bits I grabbed to make Hernia & the Goliath Mancave for comp14, and that "continuing" is mentioned twice:

I might see about making a Barricade of the other 3 walls of the Mancave, as a stand alone piece that can also be attached/placed on it to form a Goliath Manave Bunker.

It'll be difficult due to the lack of supplies, and that any "massive weapons" that are to be attached to the "gun platform" will need to be scratch/scrap built. P-:

Please let me know if this Barricade/Mancave Bunker concept fits in with the theme, thanks :)
As this month sees the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme (1 July - 18 November ) and the first use of tanks in battle, I think I'm going to go BIG and try to make a MK1 Landship.

... Ork style of course. :D

C J = )
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I started on some Ash Waste Nomads (over on my blog), but don't have a heavy done as yet, so hopefully I can make one for this. Need to hunt around for suitable weapon parts though (assuming I don't simply use the DV heavy stubber).
Hmmm... I promised to do some Necromunda conversions for a friend. Maybe I'll make a heavy for myself. Although I'm in the midst of packing and will be moving sometime in August, so I may not finish this one.
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@Azzabat AN ORK TANK! KOOL :D (using one of the old MK1 Male or Female tanks right? IIRC they were inspiration for the LandRaiders)[/QUOTE]

Yes, they were the basis behind the design, and the name of the Land Raider. Land Ship / Land Raider.

Mine's going to be based on the British MK1 Male tank, but totally scratch built (except for the crew). Who knows ... I might even finish this one!
Damn wish I had a Mordheim Ogre, would have been perfect for this one. I will see what I have when I get back home, first things that come to mind are my old Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought (metal), and an Orlock Heavy Bolter which might be good to paint up for this.

Either way I'm going on a holiday so might not go all the way, but will give it a try at least!
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