Yakcomp 27 - Stranger in a Strange Land

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Vote for your favourite entries to yakcomp 27!!!

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  1. @Aulenback Legbreaker Kroot

  2. @Stoof Slann Auditor

  3. @ClockworkOrange Sir Albert!

  4. @Kommissar Shriken Voldur One Eye

  5. @CaptainDangerous Primarch Dangerous

  6. @Lyndon The adventurer

  7. @Sethmerlin666 The preacher with the unsayable name

  8. @GreyMatter Annebelle and C3

  9. @TakUnderhand Broken Fang

  10. @Biggle_Bear The triabl kudud

  11. @Ben_S One man and his Cat (meow), went to mow a meadow

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  1. Sethmerlin666

    Sethmerlin666 Gang Hero
    Honored Tribesman Yak Comp 1st Place

    Preacher Salicyiate ἄλλος

    He was once a lowly underhive scummer with an urge for adventure... But like many such wanderers he ventured too far...

    Set upon by a vicious pack of wild Troll-zombies he was critically wounded. His body broken, limbs shattered, on the very edge of death. He fell into to shadow with the last image in his mind the wild cackling of orange haired beasts surrounding, smothering him and dancing with glee at his pain.

    He awoke in a strange corner of collapsed hive, with no idea how or why he was still alive. Taking his survival as a great boon from powers above he was re-born to his new purpose. To preach the word of the incoming tide of death...

    Where preachers will often take the visage of death as their icon, skulls and images of decay, Salicyiate ἄλλος took on the image of true horror which haunts him. The shade of Orange and the death that follows it. Fashioning his hair into a top-knot in parody of the troll beasts and wearing garb of bright filthy Orange, ἄλλος spreads tidings of the incoming DOOM and collects tithes from the masses to protect them from the Troll threat behind the wall (tithes are donated to President Dump’s wall building project).

    Equipped with the 'Word of Redemption' (AKA flamer), the preacher's Hound Pulpit carries him from sermon to sermon, preparing the souls of under hivers for redemption through the blessed knowledge, donations to the cause or by cleansing flame.

    Preacher1.jpg preacher2.jpg preacher3.jpg

    Build images etc up on my plog as usual!
  2. ClockworkOrange

    ClockworkOrange Executive Officer in charge of Trolling
    Staff Member Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place

    Finally a worthy opponent steps into the ring! One at home with the pen, the brush and the photo collage!

    Know thy enemy for he is some weird name starting with S and he fights for Dump!
  3. TakUnderhand

    TakUnderhand Gang Hero

    Ooo, a comp. And still more than 24 hours left! Can I enter a conversion based on my Broken Fang sculpt? I only cast this one last weekend..
  4. GreyMatter

    GreyMatter Ganger

    Stranger in a Strange Land Contest Entry : Annabella & C3


    Annabella Yakatomi
    Statuesque and aloof with a manner like only those whose lifetimes are measured in centuries can maintain. Eyes black as pitch, with slivers of silver that speak of ancient archaeotech. After spending lifetimes managing her families trading empire she turned to more and more dangerous enterprises, eventually prompting her replacement with one of her family members with more pedestrian tastes.

    Freed of the familial responsibility she became Merciless hunter of men & beasts born of a deep ennui. Since then she has travelled across the imperium and is sought after by those with the coin and dangerous enough targets to pique her interest. Whispers of imperial assassin are voiced, but only by those who have never dealt with her in person.

    C3 as it has become known, real name No Fixed Abode. Discovered by Annabella while hunting a target in the ghoul stars, found deep in a semi-inhabited space hulk, part of the wrecked interior of a ship seeped in the dark age of technology. An Abominable intelligence trapped in a husk of a ship surrounded by dead metal, while inhuman and likely insane from the millennia of isolation the proscribed intelligence was quite amenable to a deal. In exchange for assistance in transferring itself to physical form, the No Fixed Abode lent its substantial electronic warfare resources to fulfilling the contract on the traitorous commander hiding on the hulk.

    Since then it has been a faithfull companion on her travels, watching her back while she scopes from afar and visiting mutilation upon those who would try to do violence to his charge. Though diminutive, its surprising mass will push a ground car from its wheels and chain blade can tear through bulkheads. Witnesses have commented that it seems Oddly possessive for a mind-whiped servitor, prone to dotting on its "owner" and imbuing a distinct sense of distaste through its single eye lens upon clients with dangerous requests

    Though the No Fixed Abode can only communicate in a series of high pitched beeps in this much reduced form, it is still able to convey a crushing sense of condescension, like one trying to explain the night sky to a blind earth worm
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  5. Sethmerlin666

    Sethmerlin666 Gang Hero
    Honored Tribesman Yak Comp 1st Place

    Great stuff!
  6. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    this line... I love it!
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  7. TakUnderhand

    TakUnderhand Gang Hero

    May I present Broken Fang - Cyber Redux edition

    TakUnderhand pondered, weighing the small tube of Xeno-tech in his hand. He recognised it as soon as he saw it, of course. The ancient age of it. The startling workable condition. It all made him consider if it were a fake.

    As it was, the brainless Goliath that traded it clearly had no idea of the value. Happy, as he was to throw it in with the Mung Vase that he was so desperate to sell. 500CR was nothing to the value.
    Tak absently-mildly dumped the vase in the trash compactor while he mulled over the tube. The last time he had tried to active a DNA cell, it had ended in one of the more damaging incidents - the east wing of the labs were out of commission for weeks, while the toxin-flush had cleared.

    The recurring problem seemed to be the intelligence that these creatures bought with them. Quite how that was managed was lost in the beyond. A powerful creature to control was much more achievable goal.

    This time he would have to be much more careful - a servitor brain perhaps. To be implanted early, before the original brain had chance to take control...

    Weeks later to the thrumming of generators, and the crackle of raw energy: "IT'S ALIVE!"

    (more pics on my plog)
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  8. Sethmerlin666

    Sethmerlin666 Gang Hero
    Honored Tribesman Yak Comp 1st Place

    Excellent! Last minute speed entries always bring out the best!
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  9. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle_Bear Gang Champion

    The tribal Kudud in space

    To my lord magus Severitus.

    I, your lowly servant cataloguer Tiberus, contact you with all humility to make a request. This ship's captain and security overseer are at risk of turning mutinous. They have made complaints regarding the holding facilities due to sample type XXF12KudUD. They insist that we must make adjustments to ensure the ship's safety. Please send approval so that we may make requisitions for the required materials. The closest manufactorum planet en route is the hive planet of Necromunda.

    Check out my WIP thread to get close up photos of tty he two models and the scenery I made for the entry. I wish I could have gotten a good photo that included all three.
  10. Aulenback

    Aulenback Gang Hero

    No Fixed Abode is a thing of beauty.

    Nice jailbreak, Bear! Clear narrative, and an excellent use of "food based plastic canisters for the detention of dissembled study samples."
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  11. Lyndon

    Lyndon Juve

    I'm loving all the entries!

    Err, the deadline was lunchtime wasn't it? All the photos of my entry are on the PC at home and of course, I'm not in. I knew I should have uploaded everything yesterday!
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  12. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle_Bear Gang Champion

    @Lyndon just get it on asap. You are being genuine and as a competitor I'm happy so long as you aren't just trying to wrangle an unfair advantage.

    Speaking of which, captain dangerous edited a photo for me. Very kindly. Can I have this photo as my entry photo.

  13. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder
    Honored Tribesman

    Good question. The first post doesn't explicitly say 12 noon or 12 midnight:

    Perhaps it's supposed to be the 24-hour clock, but if so that would be a departure from previous competitions, where it's usually been midnight, so I'm not sure.

    I had just got round to taking photos myself (I needed a second batch, with better lighting):

    I'd hoped to make something more special but was paralysed by too much choice. Still, I wanted to enter something, so thought I'd throw together some of the things that I have done during the comp period and call it an entry. (Feel free to leave it out if it is too late.)

    Androcles is the strong and silent type, so little is known about where he is from or where he has been, nor about how he acquired his fiercely loyal feline companion.
  14. GreyMatter

    GreyMatter Ganger

    It's a lot fun to see what others come up with For each contest.

    @Biggle_Bear Really like the mad scientist vibe
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  15. Lyndon

    Lyndon Juve

    Finally managed to get some pictures up. They're not the ones I was going to use, and they're stupidly large as uploaded off my phone, but at least its something.

    The sole survivor of the massacre of his settlement, "Dave" was found by passing Ratskin Nomads and raised as one of their own.

    To prove himself when coming of age, he was sent deep into the underhive to survive against the horrors beneath. Returning triumphant and brandishing a strange weapon he had taken from one of the monsters, he now wanders the hive protecting those who cannot fight for themselves against injustice, and worse.

    Again, apologies that this is so late. Feel free not to enter it in the vote. Maybe there's a wooden spoon for timekeeping or something similar.
  16. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle_Bear Gang Champion

    I'm glad the jailbreak idea was picked up. I didn't want to blatantly spell it out and I wanted the space bear to have a sense of Mystery as an unencountered species. And I couldnt be bothered to make decisions about culture and language and stuff. :whistle:
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  17. Stoof

    Stoof Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

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  18. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle_Bear Gang Champion

    I wouldn't start just yet. He had a busy weekend and is probably working during the week.
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  19. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle_Bear Gang Champion

    I was curius about the competition myself so I looked through the thread and thought I'd compile a dosier (spelling???) on them. If you are too then check them out below. (In order of when they were posted). If I missed any then shout out and I will edit it asap.


    Slann Auditor & Slave Retinue


    post #54




    post #61


    “One Eyed Mad Prince Albert” Complete with his trusty “Uber reliable never miss red dot laser sight laspistol*” and the “Halibut of Justice!”


    post #68

    @Kommissar Shriken

    Chaptermaster Voldur the one-eyed of the "Sons of Shriken"


    post #74


    Primarch Dangerous of The 11th Founding Chapter, The Danger Wolves


    post #79


    Preacher Salicyiate ἄλλος


    post #81


    Annabella & C3


    post #84


    Broken Fang - Cyber Redux edition


    post #87


    The tribal Kudud in space


    post #92


    Androcles and his fiercely loyal feline companion


    post #93




    post #95
  20. CaptainDangerous

    CaptainDangerous Chaotic-good 2nd Company Captain
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 3rd Place

    Stoof knows, he was therrre man! He’s seen some things, ...mainly trolls!

    You’ve kinda just done clockworks job for him, now he definately has no excuse! :p:D
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