Yakcomp 31: Hazardous times!

Yakcomp 31 Vote!

  • @SuboptimusPrime : MechaHydra

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • @maxwellpower : Critters from the Deep

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • @mutant Modifier : The Sump

    Votes: 15 50.0%
  • @scaverising : MechaBeast

    Votes: 7 23.3%
  • @Kommissar Shriken : Floating Church

    Votes: 13 43.3%
  • @MedMos : Difficult Ground

    Votes: 2 6.7%
  • @Kendoka : Floor Ravine

    Votes: 11 36.7%
  • @stoof : Frog o doom!

    Votes: 12 40.0%
  • @Sobek : here fishy fishy fishy

    Votes: 13 43.3%

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Jan 31, 2018
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Congrats to @maxwellrpower for taking out the honours last comp.

Onto Yakcomp 31!!!

In his own words:

The underhive is a dangerous place. Hostile scum, mutants, huge rodents and insects, poisonous fungi, carnivorous flora and beasts straight out of your nightmares lurk around every corner. Similar could be said of the hostile alien wastes of Angelis or the twisted and chaos wracked City of the Damned.

Build a hazard of some kind for Gorkamorka, Mordheim or Necromunda. This could be a gang of hostile NPCs, a monster or beast of some kind, dangerous terrain, dangerous plants, you name it, just build something to ruin your gangers' day!

That leaves things pretty open to the imagination, so no excuses for not having an idea here!
Perhaps something from those out of print N17 tiles recreated in 3D? Perhaps a tie in to the Yakmeet theme of being very wet?
Thanks to @maxwellrpower for the theme.
Go forth and get making!

5 weeks from now brings us right up to Yak-mas eve or close enough, sounds like a great date to finish on!

EDIT Comp extended to close of play 27th December 2019 - because, reasons.

Love Clockwork

@spafe if you could kindly shunt this to the right place.....
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Interesting... I am thinking about a riser for my Necromunda table with a pitfall or something in it. It's somewhat larger than the stuff I usually do for comps, and with Christmas coming up I don't know if I'll have the time. But might as well say IN and give it a go.
this is a wide open concept. i’ll probably nail down an idea in 3 weeks, get something together by the end that will then have to go on to the FYSC 2020 part 1 (if the Captain keeps that going next year).

to keep me honest; these Sump Gremlins (who can barf sump water on victims) were made 20 or so years ago for an ORB scenario i wanted to use for my gaming group (but never did). They’re just Warzone models.
Yeah, Mrs Hasslefree cracked 4 disks in her back. If i remember right, tho, there’s a guy called Daemon who runs the shop and ships the stuff. Mr. Hasslefree creates and sculpts. (no, i’m not affiliated, i just love their stuff and follow both on FB)
So i’m torn on what’s going on... is this part of the monster (like the rest is submerged in the sump), or the whole thing? Because if it’s the whole thing, the beast could do double duty as a monstrous mutant squig for Gorkamorka too. As a Digga-hunting monster (because of that particular lure).
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