Competition Yakcomp 33: “Crossroad Junktion”


  • @MedMos 'Sump Smugglers Inebriated'

    Votes: 15 75.0%
  • @ClockworkOrange ’Sump City’

    Votes: 13 65.0%
  • @Aulenback ‘The Red Rokkit trukk stop’

    Votes: 12 60.0%
  • @Scavvierising ‘Firebase’

    Votes: 5 25.0%

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The only stipulations are that it must be painted with at least 3 colours and that it must include some up cycled/recycled materials! (So a ‘straight from the lazer cutter with a single spray of paint’ approach wouldn’t be considered when voting comes around, however, if you did take that approach, you would still gain an honourable mention!)

and don’t forget to fill this in...

I, [insert yak name], will be entering Yakcomp 33: “Crossroad Junktion” with my entry [insert working title], and will keep an updated work in progress here: [insert link to WIP thread].
Just be sure to document it (using ‘crap’) in your WIP so there is no confusion, and everything will be above board! :)
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I, [insert yak name], will be entering Yakcomp 33: “Crossroad Junktion” with my entry [insert working title], and will keep an updated work in progress here: [insert link to WIP thread].

Like that.

An update. I, Andrew Aulenback, having entered Yakcop 33: "Crossroad Junktion," with my entry "Red Rokkit Trukk Stop" have an update at the aforementioned link.
Well the basic shape of the pad is complete. A few large flat surfaces on the walls need to be broken up.
I know I have a little petrol pump thing from a toy car park to put above the black box thing. With a servitor attendant. Might replace it with the tank off a toy lorry thing and have a promethium guzzling skimmer instead.
Couldn't find any of those old style deodorant bottle's to build a true Rick Priestly style skimmer. But have a shower gel bottle I like the shape of to build my upcycled part of the comp.

I got some pieces glued together, a lot of details are still needed. But this is the general idea, the barrels on the "pallet" will be hanging from the digger shovel thingy (don't know the english word) once it's done.

My phone died last night, so had to get a used one. I might have to borrow Mrs Mos' phone for the final pictures...
Crime and Punishment

The mob wanted blood. Supervisor Clarke knew it. He’d seen the graffiti scrawled on every flat surface and the chant “Die Dave” coming from the crowd was a non too subtle giveaway to the mood of Sump City’s great unwashed populace.

Clarke sighed and dragged himself up the makeshift platform that had been erected across Sump Gate street. The crowd stretched back along the street to Llya’s bar, and much to old WhatO’s obvious disgust into his scrap heap. Clarke made placating gestures with his good hand, but the crowd jeered and booed the sight of the Supervisor.

Clarke just stood there and waited for the mob to settle. Eventually they did more out of curiosity than respect he was sure, but thank the Emperor nobody had shot at him and the few thrown bottles and stones had fallen well short.

“Friends” Clarke bellowed “I know you want him, but the Enforcers do to!” At this the crowd went wild, this time one of bottles shattered at his feet, making Clarke flinch and step back. He waited, hoping that the twitch at the corner of his mouth wasn’t obvious. At any moment he expected the shooting to start.

“If you get him, they’ll rip this place apart looking for that Scum!” He gestured at Dave, who hung suspended in a cage above the Sump pond. Dave yelled “I’m innocen...” but Clarke cut him off “Shut up you fool!”

It was too late, the chant started again “Die Dave! Die Dave!” Clarke was driven from the platform by a barrage of rubbish, there was a sudden flash of light and the sound of a Laspistol shot. Whether by “luck” or skill the shot hit the chain holding Dave’s suspended cell above the Sump pond, and the cage plummeted into the foul green stench.


The splashed liquid burned the floor and those in the mob who were too close. Dave thrashed around in the cage barely managing to keep his face above the toxic mess.

The mob cheered and looked on with obvious enjoyment.

The Escher Scum ClockworkOrange pushed back her helmet with the tip of her still warm Laspistol, grinned and went back through the door to the flashing lights and thumping techno music of Llya’s bar....

To be Continued.
Less than 24 hours left. Aaaaaargh!

Really should of started building this when I stated my objective. Not when a 2 week warning/reminder gets posted.
Even if it's just the bare bones with no additional bits (most likely). I will get something done in time.
And I have an entry! I have an entry!

The Red Rokkit trukk stop is complete. Finished? Well, no GorkaMorka construction is ever finished, but it is definitely done to the point that I planned it for now.
Haul in, get yer lugga tuned up, get yer gubbinz sorted. Widgets oiled, tyres changed, splattas pulted. Best stop this side of Mektown.

The suns were high, but the fuel gauge was low. Behind him, Naf could hear the low whistling which meant the Muties were still on their trail. This didn’t look good. He coaxed a bit more speed from the bike, wheels eating up the sand as he slid down the back end of the dune. This didn’t look — what’s that? He peered into sun-glare, desperate. The tinny whistling was louder, he was sure of it. There! Red! Red and metal! Like a little mektowm all the way out here in the Skid! He was saved!




Plenty more pictures where these came from, over at Killer Bird Dinosaurs From Space.

[Lookit that, Kap'n! We gots a ENTRY! We done it! We done it! We d-- AAH! MUTIES!]
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Four and a half hours remaining Yaks to get those entries complete!
(...twelve if you are cheeky enough to submit a late entry, ...I needs me beauty sleep you know 😉 )