Competition Yakcomp 39: "Secret Society”

YakComp 39 : ‘Secret Society’ Voting (pick upto 3)

  • @MedMos ‘A chance meeting in the ruins’

    Votes: 14 63.6%
  • @Hawkins44 ’Kriegsman’

    Votes: 7 31.8%
  • @Casus ’The Ghostraven Tribe and their precious Scrap Totem, complete with glowing (LED) crystal Gho

    Votes: 18 81.8%
  • @Ben_S ‘Cawdor heavy with flamer.’

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • @Ben_S ‘Cawdor leader, inspired of course by the classic Redemptionist.’

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • @julezwr ’Disciple of The Cult of the Sump Mother’

    Votes: 11 50.0%
  • @The Tailor ‘the splendoor’

    Votes: 2 9.1%

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Yakcomp 38: "Secret Society

Across the Imperium, the most holy god emperor of man is worshiped for the most holy god emperor that he is! ...but in the underhive... some say he has four arms and purple skin, some say he collects skulls and has a nice chair, and the most depraved believe he has beady black eyes and a plume of bright orange hair!?!

You have six weeks to make and paint a citizen of the underhive, be it a ganger or a civilian, but they must show signs of some sort of belief in something! (It doesn’t necisarily have to be a god)

Yaks have 6 weeks to create, make and paint their entry, which must use at least 3 colours and be suitably based.

Bonus yak points* will be awarded how successfully their entry hides their beliefs.
Even more Bonus yak points** for including a ‘place of worship’

The deadline for this comp will be midnight BST on Sunday the 26th of September 2021.
Any yak wishing to enter merely has to state their interest in joining in and provide a link to their work in progress thread!

The Yak with the most votes will become the new YakComp Champion, Win $15 store credit from the ever generous @Mad Robot! They will also win a rather striking 1st place red banner, AND will (Usually) have the ultimate power of selecting the theme for the next YakComp!
This time however, you will have to be happy with the bragging rights, and who knows, I might make an imaginary hat for ya!?

Good Luck Tribesmen!

*bonus yak points are worth 0
** extra bonus yak points are worth double bonus yak points!


1st Place:

@Casus ’The Ghostraven Tribe and their precious Scrap Totem, complete with glowing (LED) crystal Ghost Skull​


2nd Place:

@MedMos ‘A chance meeting in the ruins’​


3rd Place:

@julezwr ’Disciple of The Cult of the Sump Mother’​


Official rules:

Ideas thread/previous comps:

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I, Hawkins44 enter the competition *blah blah blah* with the entry "From the depts of hell (that is the battlefield of the 41st Millenium)"





@The Tailor

Notable Mentions:

I scavvierising will enter with "one priest and his bot".


I @Biggle_Bear will be entering yakcomp 39 "secret society" with the entry "just one more day". I will keep a log of my progress here,

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I am definitely not interrupting this thread to remind our esteemed Yakkers about TribeMeet UK 2020/21! Event details here!

There are still a few tickets available due to some Yakkers being unable to attend the new date. Please enquire here if you are interested.

Who doesn't love a nice bit of fluff & lore? Event buildup & story thread here. Fun for all the family, even if you can't attend!

This post has been a figment of your imagination, please proceed with your day.
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Thanks guys. So three ideas so far.

1. A dwarf/squat wedding (would be a sculpting project, paying attention to little details)
2. Biggle Bear teaching others about the fictional nature of their own existence (the character Biggle being self aware. I imagine a matrix parody)
3. An underhive or guardsman burning incense over their gun in an act of superstition (the easiest of the ideas)