Competition Yakcomp 40: "Anything Goes”

YAKCOMP 40 VOTING (pick upto 3)

  • @Ben_S ’The hunt for Blood Donor’

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • @Sump Duck 'The Phlebotomist'

    Votes: 4 14.3%
  • @Stoof ’Yakmarines throuout the ages’

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • @Punktaku ‘I usually don’t “grime” things’

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • @Pagumb ’The memorial’

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • @DarkNwss ‘nightmare fuel

    Votes: 4 14.3%
  • @MedMos ‘I am Caer-Lorath’

    Votes: 8 28.6%
  • @ClockworkOrange ’Blood Donor Blimp’

    Votes: 4 14.3%

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • @Lyndon ’I finished a thing!’

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • @Spamuel ’The Shrine of The Peacemaker.’

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • @trollmeat “Pickles Reborn - Free Hugs”.

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • @SuboptimusPrime ‘delete this post from your cogitator banks’

    Votes: 16 57.1%
  • @Resmire ’secret Dr Leper Ingredient sourcing clinic’

    Votes: 10 35.7%

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Sep 10, 2020
Magos Rile: "Besides drop pods and conventional marine flyers for deployment the Yak Marines have been known to make use of the Planetary Assault Territory Tag Yaks!(PATTY!). A combination kinetic kill, deployment and environmental rehabilitation device it deploys Yak forces, primarily scouts, while signaling the chapter's charge to not only defeat the enemy at hand but to reclaim the planet and leave it better prepared to contribute to the future of the Imperium."

Colonel Piker: "You sometimes deploy scouts in armored containers that are encased in meters of hardened bovine feces?"

Rile: " various seeds and sensors."

Piker: "In the container?"

Rile: "No, the feces."

Piker: "I see."


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Yak Comp 3rd Place
Oct 30, 2016
Durham, uk
Previous attempt at Yakmarines: (a half failed project as an incentive for attending a tribemeet)


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Jun 1, 2016
Ellon, United Kingdom
Things are coming along quite nicely, I've started on the Marines.


In the theme of progress I've painted the RTB-01 with old school quite crude edge hilights, the 2000's era marine with a good ol' drybrush technique and the Reaver with more modern light higlighting. And the backdrop has flooring now!


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Yak Comp 1st Place
Nov 10, 2014
Møn, Denmark
I haven't had much hobby time, so colour me surprised when the first entry ticked in!:D Anyway, I did a little greenstuffing today, so we're underway! It makes me a little sad that I couldn't join the purple ones further up, but soon enough... A couple of wips, hopefully I can update my plog with some major progress over the weekend.

I restored the shoulderpads, they were filed down because they were massive! Not fit for my Van Saar, but massive shoulderpads is a staple of marines, so they had to be buffed up again. I also added a back... thingy. I hope it's the one I cut off him, it was rattling around the bits box, but no matter if it isn't, really. It'll work!

Also, the ever generous @Mad Robot living up to his title once again! (Not the Maddest of Them All-bit, the generous bit! ;)


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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia


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Aug 3, 2016
As I don't have the kits I need to build my above mentioned dreadnought entry yet. I thought I'd make my life more complicated and do another one. So who knows what one if any or both will be finished in time. (Any chance of extending the deadline to just after Christmas.)
Been fishing around ye olde bitz box for Mordheim conversion material. So will also bee trying to build a "Danse Macabre" type scene. Consisting of 3 drunk zombies, jester, holy knight, actor, little old lady, teen vamp girl. Or as many from this list as I can get done. Some sort of death figure will be required as well I suppose.


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May 27, 2014
Need some fellow yakadvice, guys; I'm making a sign for the entrance of a fighting pit. I was thinking of calling it 'the Blood Donors Fighting Pit ' in the style of his writing, but I'm worried that might be too much and therefore be a disrespect. So, I was thinking maybe call it something else, but still build it in his tag style? I've thought myself in circles and now don't know how to approach.

Also, I hope more yaks make tags for some graffiti stylee board invasion. I know some do already.