Competition YakComp 42 "Mind is quicker than the eye"

YakComp 42 “Mind is quicker than the Eye” (pick upto 3)

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Fight to Death it is then!!

Leaderboard Updated:

Psychic duel:
@Casus & @Hawkins44
since you both have wyrds Have proven thier telepathy, they need to duke it out like real mutants, with mental assaults!!

Both toll 10 dice:
each pair is a roll off, best of 5 wins, possesion =disqualification (a double 1 or 6)
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Odd, odd, even, odd, even, even, even, odd, even, even.
I count that as 7 all, and an amazing display of psych powers! Well deserved tie.

Edit: D'oh! Didn't see the next page, well colour me embarrassed... Would that be Khorne Red? Good show, Captain. Looking forward to the death-thingy.
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Another tie? This is awkward. Can't we really sort this the good old simple way?

Ok, right, we gotta keep this civil. So...


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“Fil! Fil! Are you okay? What just happened?”

“Bob, did you just spend several minutes slipping between a bright, pixelated vision of a future rife with battle where every imaginable weapon, including the mind, takes the field AND the inky depths of long forgotten waters where the pressure and the darkness press upon you and the wishes of piscine masters thrum through every fiber of your beingf”

“Fil, I did not.”

” I see. Well Bob it appears our judges have the results of our psychic squabble amidst the hovels and it’s a tie! That’s right, 7-7 which means we’ll be going to sudden breath overtime!

”Fil, don’t you mean ‘Sudden Death’ overtime?”

”Bob, I’ve heard it both ways. Let’s go to Brooke cube side. She’s with Lead Judge Dangerous with the instructions for our competitors. Brooke…”
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Announcer: “Viewers, we apologize for the temporal distortion experienced at tonight’s battle. Normally the outcome is not known to all before the action can be shown or described but that’s the way it is/was this evening. Now back to or onto our broadcast already in action or previously experienced depending on your location and a number of other factors better left unsaid.”

  • Brooke: “Fil, Bob, I’m here with Lead Judge Dangerous to get our competitor’s instructions for this sudden death mental shoot out.”
  • LJD: “Knowing the future is all well and good but everyone here tonight and all those tuning in on Hertzian Guild Pain Per View (HGPPV) know that ‘Might Makes Right’. Competitors! You will prepare a series of five force blasts and on my signal unleash them upon each other simultaneously. The last psyker standing will win the match!”
  • Bob: “Fil, the tension in the air is palpable as Az’Goreth and Yuri Thizohra begin their pre-manifestation rituals while the Cube Crew frantically check the psychic shielding surrounding the arena floor.”
  • Fil: “Bob, each of our mighty mental warriors are literally trying to visualize success as they channel forces beyond comprehension in a battle that could literally take their breath, and ours, away if something were to go wrong.”
  • Bob: “The rime of frost forming on my microphone stand tells me we are moments away from what could well be the deciding moments of tonight’s main event. One can only imagine what the battlefield of the mind must be like!”

Scene: A quiet white space stretching out to infinity surrounds two figures standing facing one another amidst a comfortable, well appointed room.
  • Az: “Yuri, good to see you again. I take it you’re giving the crowd a good dose of your psychic pyrotechnics?”
  • Yuri: “Of course, Az’Goreth. You giving them a dip in temperature combined with unsettling gusts and a growing sense of discomfort? By the way, is that magnificent beast really little old ‘Chompers’?”
  • Az: “It is, it is, old friend. Usual way to resolve these matters?”
  • Yuri: “Absolutely. Shall I start?”
  • Az: “Please do. I hope you're ready.”
  • Yuri: “I am. Chomper's so fat, when he sits around the hive, he SITS AROUND the hive!”
  • Az: “Ha! Your Captain's so stupid, she stared at a cup of reconstituted citrus liquid for 12 hours because it said ‘concentrate’.”
  • ...
  • Az: “Well done sir. Your quips are as pointed as Chompers fangs. I yield to your razor sharp wit!”
  • Yuri: “I thank you. Let’s wind down the show and we can both ‘stagger’ back to our respective compounds. Until next time.”

  • Bob: “Fil, I haven’t felt the Cube shake like this since last cycle’s Ambot Wars finale. My vision is still clearing and I can’t shake this sense of melancholy and ennui so you’ll have to describe for the viewers what’s happening with our competitors.”
  • Fil: “Bob, I wish I had the words. We’ve been buffeted by winds and shaken by hive quakes as these two titans of the mind have rained mental blows upon one another. The first three rounds seemed awfully balanced as eyes glowed and backs bowed under the tremendous forces unleashed tonight but as the glare from the last two blasts ebbs away it looks like Az’Goreth is down on one knee, exhausted, as Chompers coils around him protectively. Has he tapped the arena floor…? Yes, he has! Yuri Thizohra is tonight’s champion!”