Competition YakComp 42 "Mind is quicker than the eye"

YakComp 42 “Mind is quicker than the Eye” (pick upto 3)

  • @Ben_S ‘Ratskin shaman’

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Do we have rules to resolve ties?
Duel to the death?
=][= inquisition note: I was writing my post as this was sent. Stealing initiative is heresy 😋😄 =][=
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Official result

3rd place - @Stoof ‘Perils of the Warp’

2nd place - @GreyMatter ’Investigation 305976’

1st Place - Co Champions (in chronological order) x @Casus ’Doom-Screech” Az’Goreth’ & @Hawkins44 ’Yuri Thizohra’


Comgratulations!! And well done to all yaks who took part!
Banners and Leaderboard will be updated tomorrow...ish.
And the next comp will begin as soon as I feel @Punktaku is adequately irritated!

@Casus and @Hawkins44
I feel there should be a psychic duel between “Doom-Screech” Az’Goreth & Yuri Thizohra to see whose mind truly is quicker than the eye!
here are ten random D6, you must say whether each are odd or even. The yak with the most correct will be proclaimed the most truly wyrd!

(any yak May join in, but a score of less than 100% will result in being sent to fuel the golden throne)
I originally wanted to challenge Casus to a duel at pistols at dawn, but since Cap.Dangerous was faster suggesting something else, (and the fact Casus lives a bit too far away, and I don't have a pistol, (or at least a ballistic missile) with sufficient range), lets make it his way.

Odd, odd, even, odd, even, even, even, odd, even, even.
Odd, odd, even, odd, even, even, even, odd, even, even.
Bob, I have to say that’s classic @Hawkins44…inverted symmetry at the beginning and end with pure chaos in the middle.”

”Fil, you’re babbling like Brooke again. The man sees what will be, what was and what is. You can take that to ’The Bank’. Remember folks for all your credit needs - saving, borrowing, betting, paying and investing - see Rob ‘The Bank’ Knightly.”
“Fil, did the temperature just plummet in the announcing booth or has the second of our competitors made their prediction?”

“Bob, it’s not your imagination or a hallucination Az’goreth has spoken softly and now we’ll await the results from our judges. On another note have you tried these D’Que baked goods? Early reviews were ghastly but I am loving them. I don’t want them to get a swelled head but I can’t stop eating them. I know what you’re thinking…”