Competition Yakcomp 43 "Future shock!"

YakComp 43 ‘Future Shock’ voting (pick upto 3)

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I was just tossing that out to maybe help someone with ideas. I made that single turnip 28 mini, and that scratched the itch for me.
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Reconstructive surgery is on its way.

Can the winner chose $15 in STLs or whatever they’re called? (I do not have a printer, so it’s really pure curiosity)
I notice at least three people working on multiple models, so maybe now is an appropriate time to ask for clarification on the rules here...

The chosen remit was:

Future Shock! - Convert a historical wargaming/fantasy or equivalent model to Necromunda/40k. Or convert a Necromunda/40k model back the other way to become historical/fantasy, for example a Mordheim model.

This repeatedly refers to a model, singular. I took that at face value, to mean that each entry should be a model.

This may sound pedantic, but...

2. You MUST stick to the competition guidelines as they are written

Note that one of the other themes explicitly allowed model or models:

Less Human Than Human
While Imperial citizens tend to treat Abhumans with a mixture of hatred, fear and prejudice, in the depths of the Underhive many have found their place amoungst the rust and the ruin. In this competition, create a model (or models) that focuses on these not-quite-human denizens

But, once again, the one chosen only refers to a model, singular.

Of course, people can do multiple models as multiple entries, if they wish. But my assumption was that each would have to be a separate entry, in accordance with the usual rules:

Can I enter more than once?
Yes, of course! But, each entry is treated separately.

So, is each entry confined to a single model? Or are we going to allow multiple models in one entry?
As the suggestor, I simply didn't think about it. No malice intended.

If the two or more models match thematically, like @drdrybrush or @Casus' entries then I'd say one entry is fine.

Should still be a  new project of course... Just because this is the bread and butter of Necromunda kitbashing doesn't mean just take a pic of something you've already made and enter it.
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