Competition Yakcomp 43 "Future shock!"

YakComp 43 ‘Future Shock’ voting (pick upto 3)

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Because I already have too much to do, I shall be entering this comp too. As I already have lots of fantasy miniatures converted to sci-fi, I'll be using a Necromunda model to make a fantasy one.

To start

He still needs hands and a head (maybe? Headless knight might be fun) and some way to hide all the techy bits on the enforcers back.

WIPs will be in the usual places, here and here
Got some more paint down. Not sure about my pallette choices - the Pale consort looks very busy.
I'm done

Teardown Toival:
Toival spent most of his time toiling as a ref-slave, handling toxic sump runoff from which expensive minerals and trace elements are extracted. A brief, but intensely gory rebellion later and Toival fled to the local Goliath stronghold, and eventually rose through the ranks as an Unborn fighter of note, and eventually became trusted agent of the House. With a chainaxe and boltgun, Toival is infamous for being hard to keep down, and earned the nickname "Teardown" for the gory state his marks would be found in.


More pictures, as well as rules and stuff is in my thread

Kirisann, the warhorse from the Jungle Dome.
Many believe Kirisann is the play of Yllune, the goddess of Nature the tribe worships, as she is the biggest trick of nature yet, who was born to and managed to survive and reach a mature age in the Glade, the home base of the Glade Sisters, an all-female tribe that used to be affiliated with the Escher noble house, but who embraced strict isolationism for countless decades. Despite her obvious mutant body, which would have her killed in any other part of the planet, maybe except the deepest levels of the Underhive, she's accepted by the other tribe members due to the advantages her body provides, be it the ability to carry heavy loads on her back, or the ability to rapidly close-in with the invaders, impale a spear through their body, and vanishing to the jungle a second later.

Ingame: Counts as Escher Death Maiden with the Wastender's Dirtbike.

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