Competition YakComp 44 - "Sid"

I would like the YakComp 44 topic to be:

  • "Sid" - Make something out of toys (Tiny)

    Votes: 7 26.9%
  • "Guess maybe you better swear me in." - Deputised lawmen (Spenetrator)

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • "Large and In Charge" - Build a model of a leader (SirFrog)

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • "Tech priests, and you" - Trying to operate archaeotech (Hawkins44)

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • "Deviant Scum" - Misguided, crazed or heretical madman (Pierric)

    Votes: 5 19.2%

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I don’t know if I can pull anything off in a week…. I have loads of toys I can use, but with all the holiday stuff going on, I don’t know if I can swing an entry.

Didn’t we used to skip December for comps and stuff because of the holidays for everyone?
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Jees, they're all like

And I be like

...Well, alright then. But I expect singing and dancing, you hear?

You have two more weeks!
Comp closes Sunday 8th January!
There will be no further exceptions! Or...

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We isss all set we were…

Over here on the coastas are we, Biden our time, our Precious taking shape…

Fire for burning, saw for cutting, rivettess clever rivetstess (just plastic circles on Wendy’s gift card noooo one need know)

Nest empty, sooooo empty, no baubles, no lites, no shinny lites hurting our eyes…just grey plastic, white Bones

Let them have there pantos (too tight, hard to swim in), there Missiletoes (too dangerous, too loud) there crackers (too crunchy in our hands, too soggy in our soups)...we would meet the line of Death, we would submit our Precious on time…

We could have won by the two sweetest words we could have…”Dee Falt! Dee Falt!”

Never us mind! We won’t! Back to our piles, back to plots and glue, back to paint pots, sometimes too! Now scuttle away, scuttle away, scuttle away we crawl!
Finished my Scab Tank for Turnip28…

…zero progress on my dozer🤦

However, making quick progress on Thomas the Spank Engine, Santa (with Chainsword Launcher), and the Elves for the Giftmess Spectacular that I am going to run this week (going to test a couple mechanics out in a oneshot before I run a campaign).


I guess that Thomas the Spank Engine could count as my entry for this when it is done, but there is something else that I want to get done (before Thursday, 4 days time!) that would be more suitable:


Might have my work cut out for me, but I often do better with a deadline… helps me focus…. D’ya think I have ADHD? 🤔


Gotta have a servitor!

Some more Elves, that I have to finish, and some Zombies. 🫠

The game was canceled/delayed, which meant I had more time to procrastinate… 🫠

…but with a week to go until the deadline I better try to focus on getting it completed :D


Gotta build a platform so models can stand on the edge.


Servo head painted.


So much more to go, time to madly blutac and then throw glue around! 😩


At least the Elves are all finished, and the other enemies the players in our gaming group don’t realise will be part of the scenario.


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Been having too much fun with this…


Have serious doubts I’ll get the whole thing finished by Sunday, maybe if I just focus on the engine?


…but with all the gubbins flying around it is difficult to not make little distractions (for the xmas scenario, you see…….)


Fellow yaks!

Comp ends tomorrow! What this means is at some point on Monday morning UK time, probably about 6am, I'll post saying it's closed and anything before that post is good.

Good luck ya filthy animals!

I’m unlikely to finish, I keep adding things, but we’ll see how far I get…

…like, I just *had* to cut the side cabin windows open,

…and add a servo-skull with bolter and a heavy door to the back of the cabin 🙄

…problem, you see, is there are so many gubbins in my bits box(es) 🤣🫠

As you can see, I had **no choice** but to open it up and remove the old battery plastic 🤦