Competition YakComp 44 - "Sid"

I would like the YakComp 44 topic to be:

  • "Sid" - Make something out of toys (Tiny)

    Votes: 7 26.9%
  • "Guess maybe you better swear me in." - Deputised lawmen (Spenetrator)

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • "Large and In Charge" - Build a model of a leader (SirFrog)

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • "Tech priests, and you" - Trying to operate archaeotech (Hawkins44)

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • "Deviant Scum" - Misguided, crazed or heretical madman (Pierric)

    Votes: 5 19.2%

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I gave up when I thought there was one hour to go, not 25. So I spent the evening doing other things and went to bed…. Now I gotta go to work and I will get home after the deadline…..

Ah well, at least this way I can chain/spike more than one corpse/zombie to it :)

Moat More zombies, more cables, definitely more gubbinification!
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In a turn up for the books I can announce the winner immediately!

Congratulations @Pagumb on your great Fungal Farming Servitor!

It may have been the only complete entry, but that doesn't detract from it being a winner worthy of a YakComp!

Honorable mentions to @trollmeat for the train and @Punktaku for the vending machines which didn't quite get there in time. I guess there was a lot of winter blues going for this comp which resulted in a lack of entrants despite the extension.
Well how about that. It must have been the chants of "Dee Falt!" that awoke me and not the lashing rain. Highest thanks, as always, must go to the Tribe. I also want to thank Bill Making Stuff for getting me into the $1.25 store regularly and the paint team...Artist Loft Burnt Umber, Zamesi Desert and the Wash Twins - Agrax and Nuln. I can't paint pretty but grungy is getting there.
@Pagumb This would make a great mini for the vault scenario as a stand in for the mining automata!
Thanks. Sad for me that I didn’t know such a scenario existed. I was just happy to have found a use for those Dust Tactics flamer arms and kills kan proxy buzzsaw arm I bought/made years ago.
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