Competition YakComp 45 - Large And In Charge!

Comp 45 - Large and In Charge - Review the collated entries post and pick up to 3.

  • @Tiny - Skarsnik & Gobbla

    Votes: 5 23.8%
  • @Stoof - Inquisitorial Battlecruiser & Escort

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • @trollmeat - Zombie King

    Votes: 4 19.0%
  • @SuboptimusPrime - B.F. "Strogg" Stroganov

    Votes: 9 42.9%
  • @Badaab - Marge - Escher Leader

    Votes: 15 71.4%
  • @Spenetrator - Pit Fighter

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • @Lyndon - Grabskab, Orc Boss

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • @Ben_S - Witch Hunter Captain

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • @MedMos - Captain Cook

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • @Lyndon 2nd Entry - Bryce Sumpsteen

    Votes: 5 23.8%
  • @Pagumb - Overboss DaBoom

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • @Pagumb 2nd Entry - Omnissiah Naval Asset (ONA) Quishy Feduminax Jzzorght

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • @rustedchrome - Toasty the Dubba Burna Boss

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • @rustedchrome 2nd Entry - Clobberella, the Poundin' Princess

    Votes: 4 19.0%
  • @Grognard Gluefingers - WIP Entry - Tankbusta Leader

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Welcome to Comp No. 45!

@Pagumb, the illustrious winner of Comp 44, has chosen the topic
"Large and in Charge" - Make a model of a leader!

You have (almost) six weeks to make and paint a suitable Leader for your game of choice! Perhaps a grizzled enforcer Sergeant, a mighty Goliath leader, or a flagship for your BFG fleet?

Yaks have 6 weeks to create, make and paint your entry, which must use at least 3 colours and be suitably based. All you need to do is state your intention to join in and provide a link to your work in progress thread!

The deadline for this comp will be midnight British time on Sunday the 26th of Feb 2023! What this actually means is about 6am on Monday the 27th when I wake up to do it.

Our wonderful friend @Mad Robot of Mad Robot Miniatures has offered the prize of $15 plus free shipping to spend at his store for first place!

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Winner! @Badaab with his amazing Escher Leader:

2nd Place @SuboptimusPrime

and 3rd Place to @Spenetrator
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I have two ideas.
One that requires zero conversion work but has been partly assembled on my desk for about two years.
Another which requires a lot of conversion work but has been partly assembled on my desk for about two years.
or a flagship for your BFG fleet?
Great... now I have 3 ideas. :rolleyes:
And done.

Wow! Looks amazing 😳 Hard to believe that you have already not only finished gluing & painting, but also actually managed to choose what to build 😅

…meanwhile, I’m currently hyper focused on the concept of a Zombie King .oO(Think like a Rat King, multiple rats with their tails tied/stuck together, but with Zombies), but am unsure exactly how this would be a “Leader”.


…original idea was to have more spidery like legs, using torsos, but I don’t want to pull apart already finished minis, so this is the adaptation.
Zombie King, Zomboss, Meat Golem.

I’m running Badzone Enforcers right now, and as posted above/elsewhere, have just made Captain Fuchsia - currently equipped with Plasma pistol and Shield. Any suggestions on what potentially larger and in charger gear might be useful for an Enforcer Captain?

This is the first time in a while that I am not playing Goliaths, therefore no need to make a new Juiced up Goliath leader… especially since Kevin hasn’t had his own season (kinda did as the leader of his season, The Brutalisk, was 66’d halfway through)….

….so I decided to throw some more pics in the Juice thread, if anyone wants to see what oversized monstrous cretins I have created over the last however long :)

Post in thread 'What started as a Pickles Reborn thread has become the telling of Juice’s Saga'
Wow! Looks amazing 😳 Hard to believe that you have already not only finished gluing & painting, but also actually managed to choose what to build
It’s only that he’s been sat on the shelf in front of my face part built for years and happened to fit the theme and already had a paint recipe from painting an army of night gobbos. Most projects take a lot longer to get going. I still have over 100 of his companions in a state of half painted agony that need finishing, so naturally mere minutes after finishing him I started batch painting another Bolt Action army.


Zombie king looks crazy. Look forward to seeing where that goes.
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To contrast @Tiny's "quite little and in charge", I've gone for "fricking massive and in charge".

I've yet to decide which weapons systems to incorporate (I can hear @radulykan screaming "maaagneeets" from here).

It's a Vanguard miniatures Helian Dreadnought I've had in my mountain of shame for many many years. An excellent analogue for a BFG Battlecruiser. Perhaps even a Black Ship...

(Progress, or lack thereof, in my plog linked in my signature)
Right. @Tiny has finished and I'm just beginning! Got one of these through the post today off ebay inspired by a @SirFrog build, and am going to make a Leader for a Pitfighter gang. (I've no less than 2 other kitbashed 'Large and in charge minis, but they're ready built and half painted... I definitely have hobby ADHD)

WIP album link:


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