YakComp 50 (Really! FIFTY!) - A Godly Erection!

The mightiest erection for Comp 50 is...

  • An erection finished quickly - Ben_S

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • Garden of Morr statues - The Tailor

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • Tyrion Lickspitter's Shrine - Clockwork Orange (Painted only)

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • The Silent Tower - MedMos

    Votes: 14 82.4%

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Here it is! The Half-Hundred! The FIFTIETH YakComp!

And the topic is... A Godly Erection!

Build a monolith or altar to some kind of deity. Could be a WHFB chaos monolith for your Path to Glory warband, an Underhive shrine to the Mechanicum, or any other object of worship you like. Helpful page from the original WFB in @Tiny's post beneath this one.

Comp will last the usual 6 weeks ends Midnight UK time on Sunday the 10th March (actually about 6am on Monday, usual caveat).

Standard rules apply. Remember that entries must be started after the comp has begun (28th Jan) - had a couple of nice entries last time that missed out due to that.

Announce your intention to take part below and keep us updated with those lovely plogs!

Happy building!

We had a bumper crop of joint winners for 49, so I invite @blackthorn, @trollmeat and @Tiny to suggest topics for the big five-oh which we can all vote on.

I'll put up a poll once we have the ideas submitted, or on Sunday the 21st, whichever comes first.
A Godly Erection
Build a monolith or altar to some kind of deity. Could be a WHFB chaos monolith for your Path to Glory warband, an Underhive shrine to the Mechanicum or any other object of worship you like.

If your monolith persists for more than four eons see your local priest or high shaman as this may indicate the existence of a magical portal that could be used to destroy your world in the far future (or when the Winds of Marketing shift)...
Posted this in the brainstorming thread, and on reddit ->

If it is a big competition (50th!) then praps I should throw this out there, that I have been thinking about for a while.


Design a person of power, such as a Guilder, Special Character, the ultimate version of yourself, some alien visitor to the Hive, or whatnot.

Three parts to the competition.
  1. Fluff up a background/story for your character.
  2. Create the model.
  3. Math out the rules to suit them.


So… this should be the easy part.
Who is the patron of your regular gang? What kind of character is pulling the strings? Is that a Space Marine? Who is really in charge?


Gunna need some sort of figure to represent the character, ya know?


When creating a special character, what would be reasonable limitations, if credits were of no consequence? .oO(but, like, keep track of points for curiosity sake)


Select any Profile, trying to keep within reason for the size/strength/species, for the character being created.
  • Maybe don’t use an Ogryn profile for a Ratling Guilder🤷
Modify Stats, add Skills and any other Special Rules. Probably following the general rules for advancements/augmentations of +2 maximum for each stat (+1 for W/A), and try to keep track of the number of stat/skill/ability upgrades so we have an idea of the rating.

For any gang specific bonuses, such as Goliath Genesmithing, Van Saar technowotzits, or Delaque shenanigans, using their usual rules should be easy enough - but if there is anything that would normally not available to the chosen fighter profile, and/or has no points value, just mark them with an (x).

Advance Costs
(5) points: Willpower or Intelligence.
(10) points: Movement, Initiative, Leadership or Cool.
(20) points: WS or BS, or Primary Skill.
(30) points: Strength or Toughness.
(45) points: Wounds or Attacks.

(20) points: Primary skill.
(35) points: Secondary skill.
(50) points: Any skill.


Unlimited weapons.
  • Ya don’t need Suspensor Harness to increase it to 4, just put however many guns/etc you think your character would have. Still need Suspensors to deal with Unwieldy.
Unlimited Equipment.
  • Just try to be reasonable, and be wysiwyg.
This is Crom, one of the Scions of Juice. While never this powerful in-game, I imagine this is what he went on to become after he disappeared into the wastes.

Goliath Stimmer (125),

Natborn (20),
Iron Flesh +1W(10),
Prime Specimen +1M(10),
Void Soul mutation (15),

Movement +2(20),
Spring Up (50),
Naaargah (free skill),

Armored undersuit (25),
Reflec Shroud (30),

Bio-booster (35),
Respirator (15),

Combi-Pistol - Stub/Plasma (40),
Power Fist x2 (200),

Frenzon Collar (30),
Grapnel launcher (25),
Servo harness - Full (160),
Stimm-slug stash (25),
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I was just curled up in bed from monday to friday, due to some virus. I'm up and around again, and ready for this!
As a suggestion for future comps, could it maybe start earlier on the Sunday, or maybe even earlier in the weekend? Just so us 9 to 5 mooks, who's been chomping at the bit, can maybe get a few hours in before work starts monday. 🙏 :giggle:
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could it maybe start earlier on the Sunday, or maybe even earlier in the weekend?

If it started at midnight Saturday/Sunday, then that would (as things stand) also mean that it finishes at Saturday night of the relevant end weekend. Personally, I think I prefer the current arrangement to that, since it gives you Monday-Friday to think about the entry (or even to buy some bits, if necessary) and then a whole weekend before the deadline to finish it.

Or is your proposal that the competition should be extended by a day, so it starts earlier but still finishes Sunday night?
I honestly hadn't thought very far, @Ben_S. :LOL: But a few comps at least, I've been sitting around on Sunday, hoping it would just start so I could get stuck in. That was the entirety of my reasoning. But starting on Saturday and ending on Sunday wouldn't bother me, even if that means it runs for 6,14 weeks instead of 6. 🤷‍♂️ I'm not gonna campaign hard for it, though. Just a suggestion.
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Hey, I've not done one of these competitions before but have enjoyed seeing what others have come up with for previous ones and I'm hoping to take part in this one if I have the time (I have a newborn baby). Like Ben, I'll have to raid my bits box first! It'll be for Necromunda, and my current idea is to do something inspired by cargo cults: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult
I may be in. I have an idea, and I think all of the bits I need, but my dad has been in and out of hospital over the last few months and the constant driving back and forth is eating up a lot of my time, not being helped by endless roadworks and Newport's insistence on a 50mph (sometimes 40) speed limit on the fucking motorway..