YakComp 51 - I Believe I Can Fly!

The winner of Comp 51 "I believe I can fly" should be... (Pick up to 3)

  • Thunderhawks - Daveh

  • Gretchen Watcher - Fold

  • SM-79 Transport Aircraft - Stoof

  • Harpie - Stoof

  • Hive Fleet - Tiny

  • Hunter of Rust Canyon - Drdrybrush

  • I believe YOU can fly - Trollmeat

  • Unfortunate Courier Loot Counters - Aulenback

  • Floating Skull Tree - Scavvierising

  • Orlock Wrecker Crew Leader - Lord Ikka

  • Yeld Spyrer - MedMos

The results of this poll are hidden until the poll closes on Jun 9, 2024.

I did not read the rules, and did not announce my intention to participate, so I have no expectation of being considered - but I know I did not start actually assembling this until after the contest began.

It's a neotech for my buddy's BLAME! themed chaos Van Saar gang.
Think I’m going to call this one ready for paint seeing as there’s only just over a week to go.

Okay. Cutting things close on delivering this entry. Ba dum tish.

Painted parts, and putting together, a Loot Crate or Marketplace or Objective scenery element for this theme. A courier gone down. What has it got in its packages, precious?


^ Poorly painted parts. First colours laid down on the bike itself, and the dead driver.

^ Bases. Just stripes printed on paper, and glued down to give the surface some colour to make it pop against the rest of the table. A papercraft delivery package will be the second "loot crate."

^ Laying out the pieces. A second papercraft box, this one will have its contents spilling out. The dead courier will have a lasgun hole painted in his chest. And more blood. And a second Amazon box will also be put together and based up.

And that's where it rests until this evening.