Yakcomp Brainstorming Thread


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Yakcomp Brainstorming Thread
Share your Ideas, no-matter how outer Yak they may be, and hopefully one day they might be selected!

All previous comps:
(Many many thanks to @dabbk for compiling these!)

Yakcomp 39: "Secret Society”​

Across the Imperium, the most holy god emperor of man is worshiped for the most holy god emperor that he is! ...but in the underhive... some say he has four arms and purple skin, some say he collects skulls and has a nice chair, and the most depraved believe he has beady black eyes and a plume of bright orange hair!?!

Yakcomp 38: "It Belongs in a Museum!”​

On any world, at any time, some objects hold more power -either percieved or actual- than others. And people covet them for any number of reasons. You must portray one of these objects, and preferably someone interacting with it, be it directly or not.

Yakcomp 37: "You just can't get the staff these days"​

you get what you pay for around here! In this comp, create some hired help for your gang.

Yakcomp 36: "And Betty, when you call me, you can call me Al"
Make a character (identity crisis optional) and their bodyguard. Anything goes,

Yakcomp 35: “The sump of all fears”
unleash your inner heretek and build your very own! Giant bombs or unstable generators, sinister looking McGuffins or exotic death rays, mounted on cyber monstrosities or not, anything goes!

Yak 34: Did that shadow just move?
This theme is the Classic Assasin, of course fitted to your favourite setting.

Yak 33: Crossroad Junktion
You must create a transport hub or a place where passengers and cargo are exchanged between vehicles and/or between Guilder Caravans.

Yak 32 : Double agent
is a call for traitors, double agents, undercover investigators, anything that is pretending to be someone they arn't!

Yak 31: Hazardous times!
Build a hazard of some kind for Gorkamorka, Mordheim or Necromunda.

Yak 30 - The Cave!
Make a exploration team who enters this new whole. You will need more than just weapons to explore this section.

Yak 29 - Guilders in town
The new Book of Peril has a range of playable personnel described for the Water, Prometheum, Corpse, Slaver and Coin guilds. You could model one of these groups to form your next alliance!

Yak 28 - “Happy” Hour
will focus around the denizens of these smoky establishments where hands stray to holsters when the door opens too quickly.

Yak 27 - Stranger in a Strange Land
In this competition, I'd like to see some well-travelled character.

Yak 26 - Grim Dark Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends!
Re-imagine a the above (or any component from it) in your preferred gaming universe.

Yak 25 - “Scene it - Done it”
this competition will be about something relating to a scenario from any system of your choosing.

Yak 24 "Give me fuel, give me fire"
this comp is all about making something that is obviously "Fuel Powered".

Yak 23 "Here Kitty, kitty"
Make a Pet for your gang!

Yak 22: Bad Boys Bad Boys
Take one of your most nefarious evildoers and throw him into the Hive for some Necromunda treatment!

Yak 21: Mad Robot vs Yakromunda (November 2017)
Create a bit of Scatter terrain - suitable cover for a few minis to hide behind.

Yak 20: Old Skool Style (June 2017)
Make a scene or narative using your minis and scenery that tells an awesome story, same as how old WD used to.

Yakcomp 19: Bits Box Challenge (April 2017)
Make something (anything) from ONLY using the old or spare parts that are languishing in your bits box or bag. Nothing 'new' is allowed to be bought or acquired for this comp, it must come from previously unused stuff. Show us a picture of your bits box before you start!

Yak 18: Wyrd Wyrd World (February 2017)
Create a beast master and critters. New beast masters could be anything Pyro, Telepath, telekinetic, Necromonger, Ratskin Shaman, Psyker, Cultist Demongogue etc etc the limit is your imagination but it must be "Wyrd"!

Yak 17: Never Judge a .... by it's cover (November 2016)
Recreate an Album or Book cover - but obviously 'update' it to fit with our Necro, Inq28, GoMo, & MH (FG) themes. This can be a bit of Scenery, a Vehicle, a mini or a mixture of all three. Your initial and Final Entry must include a pic of the Album / Book cover as well.

Yak 16: Pop Culture (September 2016)
Make or paint something that is based or themed on Pop Culture!
It could be a Movie, a Comic, a TV Show, a Band, a Book etc basically any real life entertainment serves as the theme for this one. This can be a Mini, a Vehicle or a bit of terrain - it's basically open season time - no size restrictions. BUT... we are banning any references to Arnie or Sly - that means no Running Man, Predator, Terminator, Rambo, Conan, Rocky, Judge Dredd etc.

Yak 15: The BFG (July 2016)
Everyone loves BFGs (That's Big "Freaking" Guns or Giants). Make and / or paint something that has a massive weapon, can support / carry a massive weapon or maybe is a massive weapon already!

Yak 14: Neglected Youth (May 2016)
Make / model / paint a brand new "ZERO XP" member for you to use.

Yak 13: It Came From The... (March 2016)
Make / Paint a Monster or some Monsters - this is our first ever dedicated monsters competition: some kind of 'It came from the sump' scenario, wandering monsters, summons or perhaps something a little more mysterious.

Yak 12: Open Season (January 2016)
You can make anything you like BUT, the following rules apply here:
1. Make that thing that you've always wanted to make, but haven't got round to doing...yet.
2. Cannot be something that you have already started (no finishing something unfinished)
3. You must also submit a picture of the raw materials or parts you will use before your start.

Yak 11: Holiday Spirit (December 2015)
Create a Holiday themed Special Character. The holiday in question does NOT need to be Christmas related. We'd also like you to come up with a little fluff / background - maybe even some special rules for your 'Holiday Themed' Special Character too.

Yak 10: Unusual Suspects (October 2015)
Make / start a non-standard gang. It must NOT be from an official rule book or official supplement. Resources like Gang War, Town Crier, Gubbinz & White Dwarf are ok, as well as some of the home-brew rules that we have stored in the vault. We don't want Goliaths or Redemptionists, oh no, we want Ash Wastes or PDF Deserters.

Yak 9: Triple Age of Trouble (August 2015)
We would like you to make 3 of something - the very same item through 3 different ages. We're looking for 3 models, one is minimum xp, one is at promotion XP (or thereabouts) and the last one max xp - of the same gang / warband member.

Yak 8: Rise of the Machines (June 2015)
Make and / or model an Artificial Construct of any type! Ideas include, but not limited to: Puppets, Robots, Servo Skulls, Servitors, Steam Powered Warriors, Lightning Powered Undead, Warpstone Skaven Constructs etc. Merely steampunk / cyborg the crap out of something!

Yak 7: House Of Cards (April 2015)
Build a group with at least two members of a Noble House, Brats, Servants or a Lord for Necromunda... A Made Ork, who earned his place on the hulk for Gorkamorka... or an equivalent for Mordheim - Mayor, Knight!

Yak 6: Pimp My Ride (March 2015)
Make some kind of vehicle / transport for your gang/warband/mob etc. There is no minimum (or maximum!) base size. The model must be able to, or look like it can actually transport people.

Yak 5: Lawmakers & Rule-Breakers! (January 2015)
Everyone is either on one side of the law or the other... except when you're skirting the boundaries! This is an open category so any of the following are allowed: Miniatures / Buildings / Scenery. Build must clearly be at one end or the other end of the spectrum (either a Lawmaker or a Rule-Breaker).

Yak 4: Model a Member (November 2014)
Model a figure based on your own or another forum users name, it can be any special character, gang warband member, special, heavy, hired gun etc but must be a single 28mm miniature.

Yak 3: Make an Entrance (August 2014)
Make an Entrance to: A Settlement, Hideout, Trading Post, Castle, Cemetery, Sewer, Mine, hell - even a Vault! You must start a new project: no semi-finished projects.

Yak 2: Scenery for Scenarios (June 2014)
Make at least three identical token, on a 40mm max base.

Yak 1: Hired Gun (May 2014)
Make a WYSIWYG Hireling of some kind.
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So,.. I scavenged up some of my old messages of ideas for competitions, some of which have already been done / variants.

-That thing you never got around to starting/finishing, (believe this became Yak12: Open Season, and now there is a FYSC thread)

-Must include Mushrooms,

-Fresh Meat/Juves & Yoofs (Yak14: Neglected Youth),

-Territory as Terrain (but that excludes people who want to do a model),..
-Horns, Spikes & all things Pointy.
-Artifacts & Archeotech.
-Merchant Traders.
-Offcut Soup(from the bitsbox/recycling- using pieces in ways unintended).
-Praise be unto(fanatics and ancient relics).
-Oversize / undersize(large bases/terrain and/or small models/debris).

+Zombie Plague(Outbreak, which might not be such a good idea at the time of posting this)
-"With my life": a bodyguard for your leader, which could be a hulking brute such as an ogryn/ogre, an intimidating pet, a murderrobot or simply a regular person, albeit hopefully not an overly ambitious one...

-"Bring out your dead": given the violent settings, there must be plenty of ex-parrots, so to speak. What to do with them? Could feature corpse-starch facilities, body snatching Necromancers who want to create a zombie army, or whatever other creative uses there may be for those that have ceased to be.

-"It's just a flesh wound": (that's the third Python reference in as many lines now...) To counter the zombie plague suggested above, how about some medical professionals? Some more skilled and trustworthy than others, some able to replace mangled limbs with bionics, others offering questionable herbs and quite possibly actual snake oil. Well, with some luck it will at least have a placebo effect, and not be too terribly toxic...
Speakeasy: terrain in disguise! What this terrain looks like from the outside (or just the front) is not what it really is. Pawn Shop by day, gun store with the flick of a switch! Grocer in the front, gambling den in the back!

edit: Trl-Bru plant in front, Pleasure Cube branch in the back
Non-Lethal Hazards: not everything is out to kill your gangs/mobs/war bands. Sometimes it just messes with you. Build some sort of hazard that can interfere with normal activities. This could be terrain, flora, or fauna. Not only should it look cool, but there should be some sort of effect that can make things difficult for the gangs. So you need a model, fluff, and rules!
Print and play - put down the glue and brushes, and warm up those laptops. The challenge is to create a printable accessory or building that your fellow yakmen can make for themselves. It should be something that makes sense to have repeated all over the place. For example, wanted posters of infamous yak-outlaws, the yakmarines chapter banner, the sumpways official franchise layout or Furies Rest cathedral (the center of many battles that can unite yakmen from around the globe).
You cultured swine - make a diorama that expresses culture in your chosen setting. For example, a goliath wedding mosh pit, or a grand ball featuring corruted rulers and their vampiric masters, or a street procession honouring the newly finished titan's maiden walk.
1. make a casualty for your gang/mob (can also be used as an objective in games)
2. psykers.... make a psyker/weirdboy/sorcerer of some kind
3. loot..... make something worth stealing! (again to be used as an objective)

On a side note i only just noticed these competitions were still going on, the 'competitions' link on the main page hasn't been updated since 2018... not an excuse, just an observation :)
Do you know when you have a house and there's no parking out front so you park out the back and your shoes are there so you end up using the back door all the time, leaving the front to go unattended since 2018?

Yeah, I think that's what happened to the landing page.