Yakcomp Brainstorming Thread

I would like to re-suggest one of my older topics. This one is about physical power and controlled use of uncontrolled violence.
Me smash, Me kill! - Make a person, or a beast, with a very apparent disbalance between the volume of brain matter, and muscle tissue.

Otherwise: Sump Bazaar

Make a model or a collection of models representing a merchant, cart, street stall, small shop, restaurant, even a shady-looking van selling 100% real Vouise Luitton bags. Anything, where scummers can spend their hard-earned credits for whatever will make their pointless existance more pleasant for the moment.

Also: Sometimes, you have no other option...

Build and paint a warrior who uses an mundane item that had never been meant to hurt someone as a weapon. The more bizzare the better.
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some ideas...

- all about the base- lets see some custom bases, built ye olde fashioned way, for a model of your choice

- growth and development- build the same character as they rise through the ranks of the gang/warband/etc. (ie the same character as juve/ganger/leader)

- archaeotech- convert a model featuring an item or weapon of otherworldly power- perhaps its an alien weapon, or even a refurbished piece of machinery (like terrain or vehicle), or maybe its a firearm in a fantasy setting (remember chaos champions with guns?)

- fish out of water- what if someone who really didn't belong in the underhive suddenly found themselves there, down on their luck perhaps? hunting a treasure or a big bounty?

- classic terrain component- roll something up on the old gang territories chart and build it, for the gang of your choice- add a story to it if you like!
For Mad Legs Jakob!

Build a fighter with extensive bionics - Perhaps, like Mad Legs, both legs replaced with a spider like apparatus, or a sketchy back alley head replacement. Perhaps very fancy peglegs and hooks for Mordheim, frostgrave characters etc.

Mad Legs Jakob was an Orlock ganger of a friend of mine. I think he had good BS advances. He suffered a leg wound in both legs, and with some campaign jiggery-pokery/not entirely honest post battle bookkeeping, ended up with two bionic legs. He decided the legs would be spidery like the baddie from Wild Wild West, it being the hot new movie at the time. Hence, Mad Legs! The model was just an original plastic ganger with some spider legs made from cocktail sticks (classic!).
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