Yakcomp Brainstorming Thread

Sure it will.
Let me think about it... Ok, I think I'll survive the severity of not submitting a fully inclusive proposal.
To be (more) serious, why not see it rather as an opportunity for younger modellers to grab some old miniature and give it a try ?
It is a question of accessibility. GW does not sell them anymore, so I have either pay 5 gorilion to get it off eBay, or ask around the grognards if they happen to have some stashed in the basement...

And on a completely subjective note, most of the original models are hideous.
And on a completely subjective note, most of the original models are hideous.

I was with you up until this point. Now you're on your own with this potato for company.

Ok. I won't argue or even discuss Hawkins' statement since it is a sunny day, and that would be a quick slippery slope leading right into the Sump.

If I'm in a mood for it, I'll create some "Oldies but goodies" sections somewhere on the board sometimes.

Cheers everyone.
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Hey, this was quiet for a while. Now, I don't know who all were the first to submit entries for yakcomp #40, but this is to influence you!

Ahem. How about a vehicle themed comp, be it transport, spaceship or tank? Plenty of gorkamorka and BFG enthusiasts around, right?

(Because I've been binge-watching trash-bashing spaceship builds on teh youtubes, and really wanna build one! And comps are the best motivators for both starting and finishing projects...:LOL:)
"Full Metal Jacket" - Build and paint a ganger, soldier, or anybody, who's REALLY prepared for a fight. Guns, knives, blades, grenades, spare mags, armor, pouches, goggles, Vox unit, and tough (or wicked) look... Proper (and enough) gear is key to winning in every situation!


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Or a spaceship that's bristling with guns! :giggle:

Nah, just kidding. I like that, @Hawkins44. Excellent modelling opportunity!

"Full Metal Jacket"
This is my rifle, this is my gun.
This is my other gun, and these are my knives. And my chainsword. And my regular sword. And my backup gun. Left the heavy stubber at home, because I'm just going out for a drink. But I can get it right quick!
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For reference, the voting list is in the order of entry submission (according to the Captain), so the first 4 yaks will get to put an idea forward or pass, in which case the next yak gets a chance!
It’s hard not to re-suggest something that’s gone before without rereading the thread…

You’re braver than I thought: you flew here in that hunk of junk?!? Make a vehicle for the game of your choice out of junk. The catch is, none of the junk used for the base model can be an actual vehicle.

It’s a bit foamy: build a scenery piece based on at least one piece of foam packaging. Bonus points for the best disguising of the foam.

Keep on rocking in the Underhive: build a band of musical performers for the game of your choice. Goff Rockers for GorkaMorka? Robin’s Minstrels for Mordheim? Synth-wave Van Saar?
Airship! 😱

My imagination has this as something like the Hinderberg but with a trolls face on the front.
You’ve not seen her? What a perfect opportunity to share her again!! 🤣 although she’s not finished you understand so perfectly acceptable as a comp entry…..

If someone would just like to adjust the Lego Spaceman meme for the Troll that would be grand.
I hadn’t! And I was close... no big Troll face though. You should go full Maximum Overdrive somewhere!!

"Mind over matter" - Build and paint a psyker or a magician.

"Not another cromagnon..." - Build and paint a person, who you can tell is smart and/or sophisticated the first sight. Or at least appears to be. A pompous noble, old gun-kata sensei, mad scientist, skilled technician, famous artist, Elon Muskpersuasitive con man...
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