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Just an idea that I would like to run past you all, but would putting yaks national flag next to their entries be cool or no?
iv done mine just as an example, but if you think it’s a good idea, let me know your nationality? (even if it’s approved, I will only include it for those that request it)
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Hmm... while it’s cool that you can do that, should you? I mean, I’m not sure what it will accomplish? Is this to tie it in with the Olympics style rating system? (Because then there’s an amusing reason)
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Maybe if I ever win something you can use this flag?
I’m sorry but I don’t know the reference @KungFuPanda ! o_O
would you like the Japanese flag?? (I would have money on you being alittle more blue, and a lot more stripey!)
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Just updated the chart with the results from YakComp 29 (...the Kommisars going to catch you Clockwork!)

@KungFuPanda - I really hope its a short series/movie/really really good, because Iv got to watch it now!!

@Scavvierising - I don’t think they work out the absolute loser in the olympics, I could be wrong. But as funny as it is, I won’t be including it.
(imagine if it did happen at the olympics tho! At the closing ceremony the losing nation have to do a lap while everyone heckles them!?!) 😄😄😋
The flags do look nice, more so when there's more of them! Feel free to add the Finnish one to my name - kind of get a choice of two, but the Finnish one provides more colour variation to what's currently already there! 🇫🇮
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