Yakday Peterborough 2017


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Oct 30, 2016
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Yakday Peterborough 2017


Congratulations @BreakEven with the highest rating with the goliath/ork poser Gang the 'Eavy Krew!
Your prize is a bottle of Wild Snake whisky, from the mayors personal stash, and a Pringles tube on steroids.......
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(Disclaimer: the mayor just likes the townsfolk to think he has expensive taste, he is actually on a poor mans budget)

And also congratulations/commiserations to @Yaksam, with the lowest rating of the weekend you have received the prize of the Mayor's hat!
He loved that hat, but as he made haste and stuck his head out of the tank hatch to watch an arena full of zombies burn as a very charred and angry Genestealer chased him.........it flew off his head!
After taking it off a disgruntled scavvy and dusting it off, it now belongs to you mate, hope you enjoy it!
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The biggest badass of the weekend, and the recipient of The Big Bad Ass Trophy of Badassery goes to.......
@Adam D with his gang The Upstart Crew!
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Notable badass', in order of badass'd'ness:
@Resmire with Sanguine Veritas and....
@CaptainDangerous with The Captain and crew of the I.S.S. Crumpet
(...................................yessssssss! *epic fist clench*

Not content with just one award each, both @Yaksam with Rogue 9 and @Adam D with The Upstart Crew have both been invited to imaginary Tea with the Hatter Himself! There's as much tea and cake as you like but whatever you do.....don't drink the frobscottle!
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He'll meet you at the gate......
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And last but not at all least....
The one everyone's waiting for....

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The Most Favourite Gang Award, given to the Yak with the most votes as chosen by all the participants of Yakday Peterborough, goes to.......
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NED NOODLE! With the Molerats and with an overwhelming count of 7 votes!
Congratulations mate! Along with your name on the trophy you will also receive the most generous prize of $20 store credit plus free shipping from our benevolent friend and fellow Yakker @Mad Robot!
As a note, not only were you voted on your most outstanding minis, more than a couple people had expressed that your possitive nature and friendly easygoing character were enough for you to win! Well done good sir! :)

And notable mentions (all with 1 vote each) and in no particular order:
@radulykan, @MancInventor, @Adam D, @Edelweiss and @Jlove

Well done all!

Thank you all so much for attending the event, although I didn't get to talk with you all as much as I would have liked, it was a great honour for me to meet you all! I really hope it has been as much fun for you as it has for me! :)

Be sure to write up all your Gangs exploits of the weekend, and share those great moments, thrills and spills with the rest of the tribe! (There has been some pretty amazing accounts already!)

And before I go (Mrs dangerous has Indulged me with a suprise trip to Northumberland!) I just want to say, without these two people in particular, I certainly wouldn't have had the strength or willpower to achieve what has taken place this weekend!
I hope they don't mind me saying so, but if everyone could say a big thank you to members @Llewy and @radulykan i would really appreciate it!
Without llewy I feel and fear there wouldn't have been anything! As only a true friend would, he picked me up, dusted me off and completely kicked my arse into gear! From the very bottom of my heart, thank you.
And radulykan, never before have I put so much faith in a blind gamble with meeting a stranger, and never before have I been so rewarded! What I needed for the weekend was a solid, no nonsense character who would keep me in the right direction and keep my head above water, and I can honestly say, there could be non better than you! Your patience and cool demeaner have got me through the weekend and We may have met as strangers but we parted as good friends and this is a happy memory I will hold dear for the rest of my gaming days! Thank you mate!

And one very last thing I would like to ask of the whole tribe!
If you liked what you saw, if you enjoyed the battles, seeing the minis, getting to see your fellow Yakmen in person, please do the captain a very special favour and go on trip advisor and give a top rate review of The Marriott Hotel Peterborough!
If you attended at the weekend, tell them how good their facilities were, how accommodating the staff are and how great the tea and coffee stand was! (The massive jar of cookies was a really nice touch I feel!)
Let them know how much of a good time you had!
And let them know that the tribe is strong!
I really feel that this venue is a place that the tribe could call home!
If we can show them that we are group worthy of such a venue I really feel we would be rewarded ten fold!

And in particular make it known that function room organisers Nicole and Pat really made the weekend!
They really went that extra mile......extra 5 mile infact, to make our event go from good to outstanding!

I am really keen to do this all again and in a week or two (once Iv caught my breath) I will start a new thread and we can start all over again! :D
If you would like to come up with ideas, things you would like to see, things you would have changed. Make a note of them and we can discuss them once we have finished regaling our victories and lamenting our loses!
For now, just bask in the glory of your yak adventure!
Let your gangers sing the songs of their people and count out their I'll gotten gains!



Date: Saturday the 9th & Sunday the10th of September 2017.
Location: The Peterborough Mariott Hotel
Places: 14
Price: £15 per day
Time: 9am - 9pm

Code of Conduct:
-Respect the enemy crushed under your boot
-Bask in the reflected glory of your conqueror
-The dice gods are fickle, do not get upset when their plans manifest against you
-Violence, threats, or insulting language belong in the hive, not in the room
-Any rules conflicts will be decided by arbitrators
-Arbitrator decisions are final

"The Great Yak Herd is on the move!
Mega Dome One was a sleepy kinda town until the Yaks turned up, other than the regular kind of trouble, most days were filled with gas toxifacation and sludge mulching!
But along with the Yaks came the Yakskins, an ancient tribe of native necromundans, known throughout Ratskin lore as being an elusive nation of expert builders, painters and complete drunken lunatics!
After many months of fighting, the townsfolk observed the behaviours of the tribe and sent a distress vox to the Clan Lords of Hive City! They mentioned that, other than a good drink, the Yaksins lead their Yaks to areas abundant with fungus! Which was the biggest conflict between the two peoples!
And so the Gangs arrived!
Some in search of wealth, some in search of fame, some for the fight and some for the profit!
Whatever their reasons, there is only so much fungus to go around, but the question is, who is strong enough to take it?"

Yakday main event:
If you wish to compete in the Yakday campaign you need a new gang made to the below restrictions. Then let me (CaptainDangerous) know, and I will add your gang to the campaign list. You must record the starting Gang rating in the Gang notes. After the weekend you must update the gang notes with the amount of games played and the end Gang rating (make sure you leave the starting gang rating in there too!).

But I can't make it to yak day because it is happening too far away!

We have you covered! If you want to participate all you have to do is create a gang in the above way, get in the campaign by contacting @Llewy, then play games over the same weekend (find another player, family member, creepy guy* off the street to play against), then record your games in the same way.

The gangs:
Must be new gangs.
Gangs can start with up to 1200 creds to spend, but can choose to start with less to try and gain an underdog bonus (any money over the initial 1000 creds cannot be saved in the stash if unspent).
Gangs can buy d6 exp for 10 creds using the money from the extra optional 200 creds, but not out of the starting 1000 cred. A max of 10d6 worth of exp can be bought.

Most successful gang title!
The glitz, the glamour, the reason these budding leaders are taking part in such a voilent action! After the weekend, all the gangs in the campaign will have the difference between their starting rating and their end rating taken and divided by the amount of games they played. The title of most successful gang will go to the gang with the greatest difference. There will also be braggin rights for the most successful gang of the north, south, and rest of the world (see participation below).

All players are encouraged to record games on (thread?) afterwards, pics, battlereports, tabloid articles and short stories are all encouraged.

Finally, if you wish to just show up to Yakday and play some games/share some laughs, the campaign is not the only way to play, and players are free to just play pick up games or games from existing campaigns, however they are by default not legible for the titles of Most successful gangs!

Along with your gang you may bring two extra hired guns (as well as any that you have recruited) and they will be put into a communal 'pool' for anyone to use.
The player who's mini it is will have priority over it, but it is totally permisable for an opponent to use their mini against them!
After recruitment no other hired guns may be rolled.

*creepy guys invited in at own risk, Underhive Marketing Industries takes no responsiblity for any heretical actions resulting from taking advice. Following advice from UMI is not adviced.

Peterborough Dome Most Wanted:
1: @Stoof - Escher - Sonia's Slicers
2: @Ned Noodle - Pitslaves - Molerats
3: @radulykan - Goliaths...if they survive!...they didn't! - Delaque - Copperheads
4: @Adam D - Van Saar - The Upstart Crew
5: purged from imperial records
6: @Jlove - Scavies - Sump Dogs
7: @MancInventor - Yakskins - The Wittering Bull Tribe
8: @Lapin - Genestealer Cult - Emperor's Chosen Bretheren
9: @Yaksam - Delaque - Rouge 9
10: @Resmire - Cawdor - Sanguine Veritas
11: @Edelweiss - Esher - Steel Roses
12: @CaptainDangerous - Goliath - The Crew of the I.S.S. Crumpet
13: @BreakEven - Goliaths/Orks - The 'Eavy Krew
14: @Ironslag69 - Escher - The Iron Slags

Remember where you are - this is the Thundercube, and death is listening, and will take the first man that screams!
All peterborough attendees are invited to bring their champion pit slaves for a day of savoury, wholesome and bloody gladiatorial combat to commemorate the opening of the new arena!
Will your chosen warrior be king of the slag or a scum sucking sump shoveller?

++Mining Unit 10001010++
++Decimus Tobias Maximus++
++ALX GR8++
++Boris the Butcher++
++The Intellectual++
++Pitt the Elda++

All yaktribe members attending are responsible for their own accommodation, travel arrangements, food and drink.

Thank you all for your continued support throughout and I hope to see you there!


Original Post:

For the last few weeks, since reading a thread by the very talented Mr Noodle (and more recently from various different equally amazing yakkers) Iv got this idea in my head and In true weirdboy fashion, if I don't let it out, the warp will definately be too much for me!.....
In neds thread he linked a guy who was suggesting a new ruleset (based on AOS) that was intending to be a lure for non necromunda/young/inexperienced players, and it got me thinking....
Considering that GW are definately going to be releasing necromunda again (in whatever form it takes), are we not all in a perfect place to ride the crest of the wave and be the hub of a new wave of hobbyists?
I realise the idea is abit grandiose (and slightly delusional) but I think if we can rally the tribe at least once a year, I think we could be the forerunners to something amazing!...

I propose that we all have a super friendly tornement, once a year, in respect and celebration of the pure brilliant creation and community that is Yaktribe!

I know I'm just still a new member myself, and I'll quite happily step back and down if any other yakker would like to lead the charge/take authority or just generally bring more to the table (I am both poor and stupid).
But from this post I would like to establish three things:
First and foremost, would such a thing need the blessing of the imperator and the high lords of the hive? (Malo and the yak staff). Or would it be better being run as an independent thing? (Iv been reading worrying threads)
Secondly (and probibly most importantly), do you all like the idea? and would you come if an event was organised?
And thirdly, (not as important atm and totally dependant on the the first two questions) - where? When? And how much?

My thoughts are that over a weekend of necromunda and beer, preferably in July or August, we could have abit of a non competitive tournament? (There would be a winner of coarse)
But at this moment in time though, I just want to find out what people think of the concept, and would anyone love the opportunity to run and organise something like this?
My personal aims for such a thing is that I would totally like to meet you all and If that includes several games of necromunda, and possibly a competition or two, then all the better!

Obviously it is just purely an idea right now but let me know what you think?

Edit: just to clarify, the 'UK' in the title is just where it will be hosted, the invitation is to all yakkers (and belvenie drinkers) great and small.
(And any non members reading this, sign up and know me better man)
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What do I think? Hmm, meeting the Yak Tribe, and playing Necromunda? Nah, I'll give it a miss :p

Only joking, obviously. It would be great if it was arranged by someone with the managerial skill to take on such a task (ie: not me!) If it is possible for me to arrange transport and accommodation, I will be all over this like scabs on a scavvy!
I'd be well up for something like this, Ive not got anyone to play necromunda with since my nephew turn into a moody teenager with better things to do than play games with his dear old uncle.
Putting some faces to yak members and meeting everyone would be cool also, I'd been vey disappointed if captain dangerous didn't look exactly like his avatar though;)
I would go out of my way to attend something like this, just along as it is doable for me.
I would dearly love to be involved, but I have a few things not in my favour - I'm in the frozen wastes of the North Hive (Aberdeenshire) so it's basically a certainty I won't be local, our first baby is due to pop out in late July/Early August (I'm pretty sure I'd face Guild sanctions if not being Outlawed if I ran away to war leaving a ready-to-burst wife), and I don't look nearly as good as my avatar in a leopard print crop top, being a 17 stone 6'3" bloke and all.
Based on distance it would be something that you would have to link some available discount packages of stay within the area, I bet you could get a slow rotation of North Americans coming for a long weekend of gaming if the event gained annual traction. I know I would love to at some point come to the UK for like a 6 day trip. Sight see around a planned weekend of Necromunda would be amazing :cool:(y)
:DI'm so chuffed with the response! Thank you everyone!! :D
If I can get just two of us in the same room, on the same day, with two gangs and a crate of beer I will consider the day a success! My goal for this year is just to establish a foundation, and looking at the 'faces' here, what a brilliantly strong foundation it would make!! I'm really honoured that you all like the idea!

If what it takes is to ply you with alcohol fungfupanda, I really don't mind grooming you, consider it done! :D

I can't promise you managerial skills sump dweller, but if no-one else fancies the opportunity then I'll definately give it my best shot! (And I could probibly promise you a signed photo of a rather handsome space captain ;))

Really pleased you like it Tak! I always imagined you like one of them brains on futurama! ...And definately maybe :LOL:

Clockwork, this is just the best!!! Playing on your legendary terrain is the stuff that dreams are made of! I definately have two tables worth of scenery and gaming mats to play on, so we would be set in that respect. And coincidently I was thinking about it being around Nottingham way, and I think you may have just made it a done deal! Before I start looking tho, do you know of any good venues that spring to mind? :D And when would everyone think it would be best to do? I mean I could say a weekend in early July, but would that be good for everyone?

I may need to postpone the event or or someone might need to fill in for me....it's just while my plastic serjury heals up! :p I hope I don't disappoint you too much ned! I'll post something in 'the real you' thread, just for you, hope you like! :D (Dangerous teaser fact: I'm only 5ft 7 :( :p:D)

No worries stoof! I can't see any reason why we couldn't organise something our way anyhow! I mean I have heard it said that we North easterners are merely 'scots with their heads kicked in' apparently, so mebees we could unite the clans and declare independence for the northern tribes! :D Well that and I'm so much more relaxed up north (and when I say up north I mean anywhere above middlesborough! :D:p ) Let me know what you think?

And thanks for the heads up cardyfreak! If I notice beardlegend logged in I'll be sure to pick his brain! :)

I think that's everything covered for now, keep me updated on your thoughts, ...I have a really good feeling about this! :D
(...I really need to learn how to type faster...) :D
That would be so cool blood donor! And I would hope one day it would be likewise, would love to travel the world in the name of necromunda! I'd especially love to come to Canada or the United States, Iv seen videos of inside gaming clubs there,.... And the buffet restaurants....wow wee!! :)
Tho I'm not so sure a working mans club and a sausage sandwich might just kill the romantic image of England that you lot over there seem to have of us! :p
As mentioned, @BeardLegend tried to organize Yakcon awhile back and definitely put in a lot of effort to get it going but it does not come to pass unfortunately.

I honestly can't wait till the first Yakcon happens, and it eventually will. It is my dearest hope that myself and this community can grow this special place with the help of the new version of Yak coming, and with it the possibility of generating some real I come for things like the competitions and stuff like Yakcon held in certain continents.

The basis of the new Yak is upon the idea of getting together so we can battle against each other on these awesome tabletop war games and then share a brew post-battle to laugh and lament the outcome. I sincerely hope I can deliver such an experience that is not available anywhere yet.
Well, I hear @ClockworkOrange has a load of awesome terrain...Necromundacon in his garage!

Edit - by the way, since people are already making disclaimers, I should point out that:

1) I look nothing like my avatar - I don't have dark hair, or much of it for that matter. Or a moustache (almost 'Captain Picard' bald, buzz cut and beard, kind of brown/ginger coloured.)

2) If I seem a little bit odd, it will be because I am full of Diazepam. If I seem very odd, it will be because I am not.
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