Yakhammer 40k AKA Yakhammer in SPAAACE!! AKA SUMPHAMMER!! (2nd Edition Discussion)

FINALLY got round to some post lockdown 2nd Ed, and it was immense. Well worth the wait and am now doomed to collect loads of 40k armies.

My Stealer Cult lined up against some Imperial Guard who had, they believed, been sent to sweep up a beligerent PDF regiment on some back water toilet.

Things looked bad for the Gribblies at the start, with the Guard bombardment and tanks taking their toll and my own Thudd gun exploding the first time it fired. My guys did their best to close the gap, luckily the cover available spared me getting too minced up. My Purestrains hugged a hill and kept a low profile and edged their way toward the squishy humans, getting them all up in their grill was my main aim. Luckily a truly abysmal round of shooting from the guard let my dudes close the gap and start removing faces.

The tanks were still a real problem until my Sentinel stomped around a refinery and with a scream of devotion to his four armed emperor, started smashing up the battlefield, first sending a chimera flipping onto an overhead cat walk, and then blowing up a Russ. The hole in the fire power meant my purestrains could emerge and start munching their way through the right flank, as my left flank stormed a guard held bunker and managed to break them. The Stealers shredded the last Russ and suddenly the guard found themselves swarmed. Their flamers were still putting down Xenos but it wasnt quite enough, and finally my Stealers got their many hands on the Guard commander, and left him as chewed up mulch in the red dirt.

Was so good to play some 40k again, 2nd Ed is going to see some reall love here!

More delicious 2nd Ed action this evening, a rematch between the guard and cult. This time my cult took a beating, with the guard shooting much more effective. I lost my heavy guns early on, and couldnt put a dent in the guard tanks. In the end my general was killed and all bar two of my remaining models broke instantly, and the guard mopped up the fleeing xenos. At least my thudd gun got a few shots off this time, and it was hilarious everytime those templates started hitting the ground.

Hey @Luke82, gotta say, I’m well jealous of all the class games your group get up to!!
keep up the good work!

but can I make a request for your next game of 2nd ed? Can you use the bolt action dice bag rules and let me know how it works out??

my hypothesis is that it might just be gaming perfection, but I’d like an independent opinion! 😄
Oh yes believe me that is in the pipeline, we normally play with a dice bag for warlords of erehwon and we are certainly missing it. My pals and I very rarely play one v one and dice draw works so much better for multiplayer games.

We will probs get one more game in with normal rules as we havent tried the psychic rules yet, once we have a handle on those we will be able to figure them into alternate actions.
It's been so long that I can't remember the exact details of how the BA system works, but I think I sketched out a modified version of it somewhere for this project. Time to start searching through the chaos that is my game notes I suppose 🤓
It's been so long that I can't remember the exact details of how the BA system works, but I think I sketched out a modified version of it somewhere for this project. Time to start searching through the chaos that is my game notes I suppose 🤓

Its pretty much:

Put one die in a bag for each unit in your army.
Each round, draw die from bag, owner activates a unit.
Repeat until bag is empty.
If unit is on overwatch, leave die next to them for next round.
If unit dies, remove a die from the bag.
Yeah I thought that's what it was. I think I changed it so you still had separate moving and shooting phases but overwatch was an interrupt, made it explicit that you couldn't cheese the system by ordering units in transports to hunker down as a way of forcing your opponent to make the first move and tried to work in some kind of actual command structure.
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The only thing I don't really like about the order dice system is that it incentivises taking many smaller units to cheese the number of dice. Not sure what can be done about that though and has a similar issue regardless of which alternative activation system you use.
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Well squads were mostly set sizes in 2nd ed but yeah it doesn't make sense that hordes effectively have more initiative than small elite forces.
Apart from chaos where you can take as few as 3 marines/daemons in a squad.
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It may provide an advantage in that you are more likely to draw out your dice for monsters and wizards but (at least in WoE) we have found that small units do so little in comparison to larger ones that the trade off isnt worth it. But this is fantasy without lascannons, so it may well be different.