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Oct 31, 2013
I remember people predicting this when 3D printers were really just starting to become viable for home use.

There’s always been moans about quality but every year we get better printers much like any other tech. It’s pretty clear that current gen printers can do most of what people want.

It’s really just initial layout and the issues over cleanup and potentially toxic resins that’s holding back the resin printers while PLA seems still dogged with layer lines (at least for miniature use).

GW has only got about 5 years before much of those issues are completely gone (resin printer with hi-res output which auto washes your stuff?).

Then they could be in real trouble. It’s really only an IP barrier at that point.


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Dec 29, 2012
Yeah I did think that about offering the STLs, maybe they would need to partner with a 3D printer manufacturer and software developer to lock it down somehow.

However, I can’t see why they can’t print stuff to order, call the company Standard Template Construct and let it run side by side with GW, like they did with Forgeworld.
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