Yaktribe Christmas Exchange 2020 (it's time to sign up!)

Is everyone posting when their parcel arrives so we all know its got their safely?

It's not mandatory, I just did it because it seemed to be the first. And to keep THE HYPE going.

I'd be very surprised if mine hasn't arrived by now.
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Makes sense. Peace of mind all round.

And now we're at the end of the business day of the deadline. I can say my contribution to yakmas was sent at some point before now. Yes I'm being vague so folk can't use when I sent the item as a clue in helping work out who their gift is from.

You know what... that actually really makes sense XD I really should have thought about that before posting that mine was in the post XD

And yeah I just wanna know mines gonna get their safe, i'll be bloody cross if it ends up in any way damaged XD
Oooh, what’s this?

I guess I’ve been a good Yakker this year!

8 Days! Can't wait for mine to turn up! XD
I know what you mean. Been acting like a hyperactive child every time I hear the postman for weeks now. Between international shipping, Christmas and covid Yak Santa is going to be cutting it fine with some of us.
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I have yet to receive one but I don't think the post came by before I went to work; will update when I get home.

Edit: Nothing yet.
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The Royal Mail in the UK is having a bit of a meltdown at the moment and is no longer guaranteeing Christmas delivery for 1st class items sent by the 21st December, so hopefully stuff is just delayed rather than missing.

Of course everyone sent their things by the well publicised and clear deadline didn't they...
It probably doesn’t affect you over on that side of the pond, but the USPS has gotten to the point that there’s a meme going around saying “don’t track the package, it’s in God’s hands now”.
Almost like yanking out tons of mail sorting machines just before the elections has slowed down mail service.... A pic supposedly from Baltimore (a big hub) shows hundreds of mail carts overflowing with envelopes and packages waiting to be sorted.
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