Yaktribe Christmas Exchange 2020 (it's time to sign up!)

Thank you YakSanta for this beautifully painted fellow!



He's clearly had a terrible accident in some kind of chemical works - resulting in his unusual hue and physical disfigurement - but such is his devotion to the one true Emperor of Mankind he bravely soldiers on! Truly, he is an inspiration to us all!

(Would you like me to collate an album of exchanges like I did last couple of years? It's no bother.)
Mine came in a handy storage box that could be reused as terrain :


and would be a superb addition to any gang (or to the Crimson Basin People) :



And you can see she was well protected in her box, with tiny acrylic fibers still around the miniature...(y)

Perfect paint job. I am really impressed by the humanity that has been given to the miniature trough the paint of her face, highlighting some kind of sadness as wall as her steadfastness. Superb job with the eyes and the lips.

Mange takk to the fellow european Yakker who made this fine model for me. It was much appreciated by the whole family around the Christmas tree.
Wowsers well done all! The Troll didn’t enter this year because I was making my own present for the nephew (see my thread) but I’ve really missed being involved!
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Any more to pics to come?
Good show so far and congratulatory slaps on the back all round. Huzzah.

Postal service resumes on 29th for me. So fingers crossed (but who knows). Maybe Yak Santa will have got over his hang over from all the wild snake that was left out for him by then and finish his rounds.
It was a pleasure as usual. Thanks guys for your initiative, for keeping this community alive. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Now I got four thugs squad:cool:
Can't wait for next year
Sorry it's the best picture I can share atm. Santa fell free to give us a better one if you got any