YakTribe Christmas Exchange 2021! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

First post updated!

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Scale creep? Meh, anyone upset by receiving “old” 28mm vs “new” 28mm or indeed anything can do one. This is not about giving to receive!

Love the inclusive Troll.

Ps. There’s more scales, manufacturers and proportions in my Necro collection than a night out in sunny Nottingham. I am content.

Thank you all for the sign ups so far!

@Gunkaiser @Grognard Gluefingers @Pierric @MancInventor - You've expressed an interest, can I ask you to send the message with your details (as per the updated first post) to the committe. Thank you very much :giggle:

We have 14 generous YakSantas so far!

Sign up will be open until the end of September, your victims lucky recipients will be messaged to you within a week after that.
Time's-a-ticking for the sign up!

@MusingWarboss, @Gunkaiser and @Grognard Gluefingers - you've expressed interest here, if you would still like to participate please send a PM with the relevant shipping info to @Stoof, @ClockworkOrange, @Jon Reinhardt & @nooker as per the first post. If you're unable to participate anymore it's OK, don't worry about it :giggle:

17 YakSantas so far if everyone gets their messages in on time!
I had sent a message previously (got a like from you), will resend.
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