YakTribe Christmas Exchange 2021! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!



Thank you to all our entrants! Here they are in all their splendour:

@Jon Reinhardt
@Grognard Gluefingers
@Ned Noodle

Allocations to come soon to your inboxes, keep your eyes peeled!
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I just found out about this right now, can I still enter?
I know I'm two days late, but I have been a good Engineer the whole year.
Do you super duper pinky promise to pay the dispatch deadline more heed than the sign up deadline?

If so, send the message as per the first post. You're lucky - the assignments haven't been sent quite yet.
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Dang! Seems like I've missed that train once again. Is there any chance to hop in? Please, please, please /begging in ecstatic agony/
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It has been one week since sign up closed. Allocations are made, everyone will have received their recipient. People are working on their models.

There will be NO FURTHER SIGN UPS ACCEPTED. It's a full week after the deadline and the post about this year went up on the 2nd of August - not exactly a narrow information/sign up window.

If for whatever reason one of you cannot fulfil your sending obligations, please tell the committee as soon as possible so we can try and make alternative arrangements for your recipient. Real life can and does happen.

A reminder that your models should be in the post by the 15th of November. Global post is still slow and dodgy, and nobody wants to wake on Christmas morning to not have a YakSanta present under their tree :cry:

We would appreciate if you could reply to your allocation message confirming when you've sent your mini.

🎄Merry Yakmas Everyone!🎄
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Never felt so organised and ahead of my painting when being at the primed and forgotten about stage before.
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I've constructed a "priming chamber" I can attach to the kitchen fan - gotta have something for the cold months. Or the rainy months. So for about... two thirds of the year?
I have my target in sights, the parts I need, and the paint scheme picked out. No ETA but I plan to ship before Nov. 15.

I hope no one minds if I throw in a small bag of loose bits. Shhh...

It started raining 6pm yesterday in WA State, heavy all night, still drizzling.
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