YakTribe Christmas Exchange 2021! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

Here in rural France we now have "municipal posting agencies" (ie having the municipal agent offer the first level shipping services due to profit seeking by the Post Office who is closing all non profitable small agencies). Saying you want to ship a parcel to some faraway land is already a kind of stress for the agent, but she also looked very distressed by the fact that the Customs sticker was too large for my parcel, which had her say at first that my query would not be possible for now.

It was then just a matter to put my box in one of the bigger ready to ship commercial boxes available for sale above her head but, for some reason, she also looked uneasy at that query, before finally doing it, and she was all smiling at the end, like we had solved together a very major issue. What a strange world we now live in.
My ineptitude at international shipping aside (god knows I hear enough about it at home now, should've kept my mouth shut) I can report that a mysterious package has found its way into my possession.

Now it sits neatly on the shelf, from where it taunts me with its mysterious contents.
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Tactical use of bases for privacy, but it has arrived safe and sound!