YakTribe Christmas Exchange 2021! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!


Awesome conversion and paint job. Thanks yaksanta
Thank you secret Santa for this awsome bounty hunter. Great pain jobb and convertion. I realy like the mustache. Don't think that there's picture of me here so that's good guess. Ithe Enforcers are kind of corrupt around here so hopefully a new sheriff in town will help settle thing. He also came whit a nice back story. Very happy thanks a lot.
Kirc Ellan, hired gun who was once a welding slave.


Thank you very much Yak Santa for this awesome miniature. I like its original background and look, its dynamic pose and great paint job. A very unique addition to my beloved Necromunda collection.

Happy Christmas to all, and thank you again my secret Santa.
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As is local tradition, I did open my package up yesterday just before leaving home, and I do have a sneaking suspicious whence it came from. But in any case, rest assured, mysterious YakSanta quartermaster, Rad-Hound Aly has settled in nicely and already found some very tall friends:

Edit: Uploading via cellphone is annoying, but anyway, can't let my gang hog the limelight, would be a disservice to this superb lady:

And the rules:

Lovely rendition all around, and the rules sheet *Christian Bale voice* My god, it even has an image source.
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After a busy Christmas Day, I settle down to open my incredibly well packaged YakMas box!! And I mean well packaged, it took me 10 minutes to get to the miniature!!

But it was worth it...

The inscription read “Merry YakMas. Enjoy Jackie O’Lantern”. And I will. And do, very much.

Imagine my surprise when a couple of balls dropped out when opening the bubblewrap... LEDs... what!! Is this illuminated!?!

Yes she is!! 😲

She is jaw-droppingly cool!!

Thank you Secret YakSanta! I love her! ❤️
Well, will you look at this gorgeous hunk of meat!…


Thanks yak Santa… love it!
He’s fitting right in to…..


His complexion is a little healthy for boss Gastron’s liking, but it’s nothing a bit of sustained cannibalism won’t solve…😜
Gastron also really appreciates you pre fitted him with that snazzy obedience collar…he’s a bit…